What one refers to as “Angels”…


When a bird flying high,
fell from the sky…
having burned its wings,
it broke a new sigh.

The trees asked,
each other…
“who would help the bird now?
Would it ever walk – let alone fly now?”

“Where are the clouds now
for providing a shade?
Where’s the breeze now
for which bird sung the praise?”

Acid rain of bleakness occurs
and like the wound it hurts,
When air of hopelessness
lurks, it spreads the fears.

Yet in very wounds
enters a light,
in darkness we meet those,
who support
and back our fight.

Fallen bird was helped
by few kind and generous ones…
Their presence was no
shorter than of miracles.

True it is,
when they say
charm of presence works,
it’s not a myth,
what they refer to as “Angels”.

- Dedicated to the angels of course…

Dear all,

Today, this blog has completed a year of its existence… I certainly have lots of people to thank for it. Because without their presence, their constant support and encouragement it might not have survived – let alone thrived and been this populated.

My first thanks is to all the readers and frequent visitors… Thank you for being there, I will try not to disappoint you…

Now like, every structure has its foundation, there’s been people here who have continuously backed the serenades of this lazy dreamer.

My special thanks to…

Areesha Khuwaja, for convincing me to create a blog and giving it a boast by posting my poems along her original art work.
Maria Imran, for standing by and encouraging in all endeavors through out from very beginning…
Lala Rukh, for always showing up with words of encouragement and praise.
Sonya Kassam, for her kind words, comments and inspiration.
Aminah Tasleem and Tayyeba Irum, for appreciation and anticipation of more writing from my end.
Shereen Aljarrah, for her support and elegance.
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Sidra Kamal, for her gracious acts, encouragement and sincerest comments.
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Thank you to following again for their original poems so well written, that it enticed a response in me:
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Stay Blessed and Keep Rocking! :)

Who are the angels, who are the birds, I don't know... I know only of one who did draw wings with me on snow...

What are the birds, who are the angels, perhaps I don’t know…
If I know, then it is those who did draw wings with me on snow…


That solace as once breathed among us (Woh jo hum main tum main qarar tha)

This is another one of those ghazals, very close to my heart… It’s been performed by various artists of esteemed caliber and reputation… Few to mention are the favorites: Ghulam Ali saheb, Madam Abida Parveen, Late Begum Akhtar and Nayyara Noor.
It’s hard to choose which rendition to pick and select for the top.

- Rendition by Begum Akhtar is my favorite, it’s classical to the core, delivers the soul of the ghazal with ethos and pathos of nostalgia perfectly… (And only time I preferred anything over Ghulam Ali saheb’s version)


That solace as once breathed among us,
Whether you care recalling or do not…
That promise, yes, of following thus,
Whether you care recalling or do not…

Those amenities showered on me before
All comforts on my state that you pour,
I do recollect all even if as a fragment..
Whether you care recalling or do not…

Those rants crisp, complains afresh,
Those captivating bits of guidance,
That being irked at each thought,
Whether you care recalling or do not…

Listen, revelation it is quite an ages old,
Once you happened to made few promises bold,
What good now, revisiting they full-filled or not?
Whether you care recalling or do not…

By a fleeting chance, when we met,
To display sincerity each moment,
A discontent at meeting frequently not,
Whether you care recalling or do not…

At times coming one to one in gathering among all,
though lips sealed, yet gaze delivering it all,
Those gestures revealing desires a lot…
Whether you care recalling or do not…

Had ever anything happened as,
something that lead you to a distress,
Before even revealing, forgetting it all,
Whether you care recalling or do not…

Once did exist a passion between us
Once there was a compassion between us
Once we’re too acquainted with what other sought.
Whether you care recalling or do not…

That turbulence before night of reunion,
Those disagreements over our communion,
Gifting long list of things for “Must not”..
Whether you care recalling or do not…

One who you did count among the cordial…
One who you did count among the sincere…
I am one – a very love-sworn mascot…
Whether you care recalling or do not…

- Dedicated to once long wearer of love-sworn mascot…

Woh jo hum maiN tum maiN qarar tha
tumhaiN yaad ho keh nah yaad ho
Wohi waada yaani nibah ka
TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho

Woh jo lutf mujh peh thay peshtar
Woh karam keh tha meray haal per
Mujhay sabb hay yaad zara zara
TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho

Woh naay gilay woh shikaayateN
Woh mazay mazay ki hikayateN
Woh har ik baat peh roothna
TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho

Suno zikr hai kai saal ka,
koi vaada mujh se tha aap ka
Woh nibahne ka to zikr kya,
TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho

Hooay ittefaq say gar baham
To wafa jatanay ko dam badam
TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho

Kabhi baithe sab mein jo ru ba ru
to ishaaron hi se guftagu
Wo bayan shauk ka barmala
TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho

Koi baat aisee gar hooee
Keh tumharay jee ko buree lagee
To bayaN say pehlay hee bhoolna
TumhaiN yaad ho keh na yaad ho

Kabhi hum maiN tum maiN bhi chah thee
Kabhi hum maiN tum maiN bhi rah thi
Kabhi hum bhi tum bhi thay aashnaa
TumhaiN yaad ho keh nah yaad ho

Woh bigarnaa wasl ki raat ka
Woh naa ma’an-na kisi baat ka
Who nahiN nahiN ki har aan adaa
TumhaiN yaad ho keh nah yaad ho

Jisay aap gintay thay aashnaa
Jisay aap kehtay thay baawafa
MaiN wohi hooN Momin-e-mubtalaa
TumhaiN yaad ho keh nah yaad ho

- Urdu version:

وہ جو ہم میں تم میں قرار تھا ، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو
وہی یعنی وعدہ نباہ کا ، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

وہ جو لطف مجھ پہ تھے پیش تر، وہ کرم کہ تھا میرے حال پر
مجھے سب یاد ہے ذرا ذرا ، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

وہ نئے گلے، وہ شکایتیں، وہ مزے مزے کی حکایتیں
وہ ہر ایک بات پہ روٹھنا، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

سنو ذکر ہے کئی سال کا کہ کیا اِک آپ نے وعدہ تھا
سو نباہنے کا تو ذکر کیا، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

ہوئے اتفاق سے گر بہم ، تو وفا جتانے کو دم بہ دم
گلہ ملامتِ اقرباء ، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

کبھی بیٹھے جو سب میں روبرو ، تو اشاروں ہی میں گفتگو
وہ بیان شوق کا برملا ، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

کوئی ایسی بات ہوئی اگر کہ تمہارے جی کو بری لگی
تو بیاں سے پہلے ہی بھولنا ،تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

کبھی ہم میں تم میں بھی چاہ تھی ، کبھی ہم میں تم میں بھی راہ تھی
کبھی ہم بھی تم بھی تھے آشنا ، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

وہ بگڑنا وصل کی رات کا، وہ نہ ماننا کسی بات کا
وہ نہیں نہیں کی ہر آن ادا، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

جسے آپ گنتے تھے آشنا ، جسے آپ کہتے تھے باوفا
میں وہی ہوں مومنِ مبتلا ، تمہیں یاد ہو کہ نہ یاد ہو

- Original poem, the ghazal written by 18th century Urdu poet of par excellence and depth: Momin Khan Momin. His praise is often mentioned in a way that even his contemporary Ghalib (the incomparable) was his fan.

Ghulam Ali saheb’s performance (No need to mention, this one comes with inherited charm of his style and manners):

Abida Parveen’s rendition (Patience delivers the results, this is something that sticks with you for long…):

Nayyara Noor’s vocals (Her voice and musical composition for the ghazal here is spell-binding):

Still, there are many things to be said about this ghazal, the genius of its poet, and its renditions, but someone has already beat me to that… here’s the link for the details… A mesmerizing ghazal – Woh Joh Hum Mei Tum Mei Qarar Tha

Poems written for you (Likhe jo khat tujhe)

- Performed by the legendary Indian singer Mohammad Rafi for a Hindi film: Kanyadan (1968).


Poems written for you,
in remembrance due,
they emerged into…
the thousand splendid views.

As dawn fare-welled night,
they morphed as – the flowers and the hue…
When night absorbed the sun,
they became sparkling stars and the dew…

As melody somewhere, comes into play,
my heart points me, there you may,
slips somewhere, a bud alcove,
I consider it, your foreplay.
As scent somewhere, spills in air,
seems your curls inter-played.

An eager breeze, enthralling pace,
this gracefulness, and elegance,
those curves and the restlessness,
your swaying away, leaving unquenched.
Who won’t it then, turn into…
A beguiled lover passionate…

I am there, where you are,
If I am the heart, the pulse you are…
If I wander, you are a destiny,
In my thirstiness, rain you are…
My world is, the way you see me,
and heaven is, your never being far.

- Dedicated to the love letters  – the thousand splendid views…

Likhe jo khat tujhe
woh teree yad me
Hazaaro rang ke
nazaaray ban gaye

Sawera jab huwa,
toh phul ban gaye
Jo rat aayee toh,
sitare ban gaye

Koyee nagma, kahee gunja
kahan dil me, yeh tu aayi
Kahee chatkee, kalee koyee,
mai yeh samjha, tu sharmayi
Koyi khushbu, kahee bikhri,
laga yeh zulf lehrayi

Likhe jo khat tujhe…….

Fiza rangeen, Ada rangeen,
yeh ithlana, yeh sharmana
Yeh angdayi, yeh tanhayi,
yeh tarsa kar, chalay jana
Bana de ga nahi kisko,
jawan jadu yeh divana

Likhe jo khat tujhe…….

Jaha tu hai, waha mai hu,
mere dil ki, tu dhadhkan hai
Musafir mai, tu manzil hai,
mai pyasa hu, tu saawan hai
Meri duniya, yeh nazray hain,
meri jannat, yeh daman hai

Likhe jo khat tujhe…….

- Original lyrics penned by famous Indian poet: Gopaldas Neeraj

In such a way, walls of my life did collide with someone (Yun zindagi ki raah mein takra gya koi)

- Performed by non other than Ghazal legend: Mehdi Hassan saheb.


In such a way, walls of my life did collide with someone…
Like canvas of darkness is spilled of light by someone…

That stroke, first bump into each-other, what can I say?
How unique was the situation be-felling, what can I say?
That crash, that shock and the awe, I do remember…
Her appearing cold and indifferent, I do remember…
Irremovable such an ink, way it’s inscribed by someone…

As she crossed her eyes with mine, she got all frost.
Stepping into realm of her thoughts, she got all lost.
At defenseless stance of mine, she showered her compassion.
Perhaps, the way I suffered, too stirred up her veiled passion.
As close to an extent of feeling the breaths came someone…

With such love and affection she brushed my guard,
Like destination itself chose a journeyman’s heart…
In tenth of the moment, such lightning got struck…
In all veins to my heart, her fragrance got stuck…
Curls leading to a trance were waved at me by someone…

Ask me no further, state of my heart in the pittance…
Ask me nor of those nameless desires now in emergence…
A stranger in a life, became a fuel for soul’s fire…
An accident unpredicted, became sole subject of desire.
Path waiting along destiny is revealed to me by someone…

- Dedicated to serendipitous collisions…

yun zindagi ki raah mein takra gaya koi
ik roshni andheroun mein bikhra gaya koi

woh haadsa woh pehli mulaakat kya kahoon
kitni ajab thi soorat-e-haalaat kya kahoon
woh kehar woh ghazab woh jafa mujh ko yaad hai
woh uski be-rukhi ki adaa mujh ko yaad hai
mit-ta naih hai zehn say yun chhaa gaya koi
yun zindagi ki raah mein takra gaya koi

pehlay mujhay woh dekh kay barham si ho gayee
phir apnay he haseen khyaaloun mein kho gayee
bechaargi pe meri usay reham aagya
shayed meray tarapnay ka andaaz bhaa gaya
saansoun se bhi kareeb thee mere aa gaya koi
yun zindagi ki raah mein takra gaya koi

yun usnay pyar say meri baanhoun ko chhoo liya
manzil nay jaisay shauk ki raahoun ko chhoo liya
ik pal mein dil pe kaisi qayamat guzar gayee
rag rag mein uski khushbu bikhar gayee
zulfoun ko mere shaanay pe lehra gaya koi
yun zindagi ki raah mein takra gaya koi

ab is dil-e-tabaah ki haalat na poochiye
be-naam aarzu’oun ki lazzat na poochiye
ik ajnabi ka rooh ka armaan ban gya
ik haadsa tha pyar ka, unwaan ban gya
manzil ka raasta mujhe dikhla gya koi
yun zindagi ki raah mein takra gya koi

yun zindagi ki raah mein…

Urdu version:

یوں زندگی کی راہ میں ٹکرا گیا کوئی
اک روشنی اندھیروں میں بکھرا گیا کوئی

وہ حادثہ وہ پہلی ملاقات کیا کہوں
کتنی عجب صورتحال کیا کہوں
یوں قہر وہ غضب وہ جفا مجھ کو یاد ہے
وہ اسکی بے رخی کی ادا مجھ کو یاد ہے
مٹتا نہیں ہے ذہن پہ یوں چھا گیا کوئی
یوں زندگی کی راہ میں ٹکرا گیا کوئی

پہلے مجھے وہ دیکھ کے برہم سی ہوگئی
پھر اپنے ہی حسین خیالوں میں کھو گئی
بیچارگی پہ میری اسے رحم آ گیا
شاید میرے تڑپنے کا انداز بھا گیا
سانسوں سے بھی قریب تھی مرے آگیا کوئی
یوں زندگی کی راہ میں ٹکرا گیا کوئی

یوں پیار سے اس نے مری باہوں کو چھو لیا
منزل نے جیسے شوق کی راہوں کو چھو لیا
اک پل میں دل پہ کیسی گزر گئی
رگ رگ میں اسکی خوشبو بکھر گئی
زلفوں کو مرے شانے پہ لہرا گیا کوئی
یوں زندگی کی راہ میں ٹکرا گیا کوئی

اب اس دل تباہ کی حالت نہ پوچھیے
بے نام آرزوؤں کی کی لذت نہ پوچھیے
اک اجنبی کا روح کا ارمان بن گیا
اک خادثہ سا تھا پیار کا، عنوان بن گیا
منزل کا راستا مجھے دکھلا گیا کوئی
یوں زندگی کی راہ میں ٹکرا گیا کوئی

یوں زندگی کی راہ میں۔۔۔۔

- Original poem penned by Masroor Anwar.

Whenever life draws me towards your orbit of existence (Zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein)

- Performed by renowned Ghazal singer: Talat Aziz, for Hindi film: Umrao Jaan (1981).


Whenever life draws me towards your orbit of existence…
Earth appears to me more brighter than moon’s radiance…

Fields of my heart get blossomed in crimson fragrance…
As day settles, the soul unsettles at your whisper’s entrance…

Gushes of breeze carry your signature in loud, in silence…
At closure of each night, they push rest into far distance…

Why each proximity breathes a new space in consequence…?
Nothing else than that keeps me now in state of impatience…

- Dedicated to the orbit of beloved…

zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein laati hai humein
ye zameen chaand se behtar nazar aati hai humein

surkh phoolon se mehek uthti hain dil ki raahein
din dhale yun teri aavaaz bulaati hai humein

yaad teri kabhi dastak, kabhi sargoshi se
raat ke pichhle peher roz jagaati hai humein

har mulaaqaat ka anjaam judaai kyun hai
ab to har waqt ye hi baat sataati hai humein

Urdu version:

زندگی جب بھی تیری بزم میں لاتی ہے ہمیں
یہ زمین چاند سے بہتر نظر آتی ہے ہمیں

سرخ پھولوں سے مہک اٹھتی ہیں دل کی راہیں
دن ڈھلے یوں تیری آواز بلاتی ہے ہمیں

یاد تیری کبھی دستک کبھی سرگوشی سے
رات کے پیچھلے پہر روز جاگتی ہے ہمیں

ہر ملاقات کا انجام جدائی کیوں ہے
اب تو ہر وقت یہی بات ستاتی ہے ہمیں

- Original lyrics penned by lyricist: Akhlaq Mohammed Khan “Shahryar”

Her Place


What else could be a more pleasing sight…
Than lovers embracing one another’s light?

Her mind is a city of sprawling lights
where memories book the hotels,
moments seek a drive.
Her values cover the residence
as aesthetics own a palace high,
her grace resides in gardens,
as regrets keep a shrine.
Her pride has a castle on peak of the mountain,
as canyons depict her tolerance infinite.
Her fantasies ride and float in woods and lakes,
and conversing with the clouds are her dreams
that own the sky-line.

Yet when he is around the corner,
she shuts all lights,
and opens all the doors,
hinting a way for him to enter,
but yet not to experience her design…
Not from eyes,
since she desires him
to feel the walls like they are the caves
belonging to an ancient time,
where etched lines reveal the history
and narrate the stories,
beneath the closed confines…

Where dark corners reveal the events,
lone-some alleys have graffiti
that foretell the secret of time,
the disclosure of her demons
along inhibitions divine…
Wells have the storage of tears,
her set-backs too have
subtle monuments aligned.
She desires him
to wander inside like a blind.
To maneuver his way,
touching everything,
and leaving his sign.

She desires him
to enlighten her world with his own light.
He to be the one to water the gardens,
to nurture the twines.
He to be the one to climb the walls,
to re-orchestrate the lines.
He to be the one to cross the valleys,
and to embark on boats
that lead beyond the pines…
He to be the one to redraw the map
of her universe and stars sublime,
like before his arrival
they’re never defined.

Behind these are her desires,
like all the stars covering the sky…
So that when light erupts from them,
it’s difficult to know
where now wanderer is,
where he’s not in sight.
Since he’s everywhere now,
there’s no place,
where he didn’t leave his color,
no place,
where he didn’t leave his shine.
Her mind became his heart,
his heart, a place of her to reign.

Jarek Puczel, Lovers

Her mind became his heart,
his heart, a place of her to reign.

- Dedicated to a place of one that is engulfed and enchanted by the presence of the other…

Art/ Image credits:

1. Adam Martinakis, Last kiss
2. Jarek Puczel, Lovers

The First Drizzle

This poem is a response to Sidrah Kamal‘s radiating poem… Vapors of Love.

Rain by Danial Shah

Vapors of Love: Warmed in the air, served as the drizzle…

Lakes filled with salt
brimmed in still water
looking to shake dust.
As Sun lends a warmth,
drops become vapor,
With thirst of stream
comes request:
“Revive me first…”

Sun burns itself,
hunting for a miracle…
As flock of clouds travel,
filled with a passion…
Overriding star they say….
“You had your day…
It’s our turn.
But, you hide first…”

Clouds caress each other
celebrating in a
a chorus,
Disclose cheerfully
to the bystanders,
the breeze and the birds…
“Don’t you go…
Allow me, to confess first…”

Birds expecting,
a downpour to come…
Look into the eyes
of each other,
nod in a teasing voice…
“Let’s race today
to the home…
See who reaches first…”

Nest of flowers,
catches a sprinkle…
Drop after drop
leaking fume as it filters.
They inhale each other’s scent
and say in slip voice…
“I forget my love,
who fell first… “

Grains of sand give
themselves to a drizzle.
As space in-between
vanishes in the air.
Melting each moment,
coming together,
they break silence…
“Kiss me first… “

Photograph Drizzling by Natthamon Thiemsri

Drizzle of Passion: Felt in a bloom, caught with-in the petals.

- Dedicated to the vapors, the clouds and the first drizzle…

Photo Credits:
1. Rain in Astore Valley (at Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan) by Danial Shah.
2. Drizzling by Natthamon Thiemsri