A Stray Dog


From old comfort zone to your comfort zone… Stray dog made journey of love.

– The story is written in tweet format. I decided to post it on twitter, but then I am not a much of a micro-blogger, so here it is.

  • Once upon a time, a person of grace with kindness in attitude, meets a stray dog in an alley, this dog sits aloof, isolated from other dogs.
  • This dog won’t do much but sit in a corner staring at a person, the stare, that gaze that would follow the person to the end of the street.
  • While other dogs would bark, this dog didn’t. Where other dogs tease, this dog won’t. Yet abnormal stare alone would scare the person most.
  • To keep the teasing dogs away. Person started to keep some cookies along. Person would throw them, dogs would jump, except this dog.
  • So person starts to experiment, like goes near the dog, throws the cookie, but yet no effect. Each day person would go step closer…
  • Until after few days when cookie was offered by hand, dog picks it. Then it creates kind of a bond among them. Person gets comfy with Dog.
  • Dog would even wrestle around with other dogs to keep this person safe. And the person will bring cookies for dog and things like a blanket.
  • The person would daily go to the dog, it earned the pleasure in taking care of it, and seeing how much dog reciprocated the trust and love.
  • Dog started to care about person this much, that it would see the person through to the home. And person would also love the company a lot.
  • Once a friend asked the person, “What happens to a dog if you move the place? Would you carry dog along like pet, since you’ve such a bond.”
  • Person replied, “Why would I, I don’t like pets. I can’t take care of them. I don’t have time for such stuff, I’m just doing it while I can”
  • Person still met Dog daily until the day Person left. And dog again was left alone, stranded, aloof in a place where it used to be always.
  • And this Dog would now not dare stare anyone and even in deepest of hunger, won’t even have a bit of cookie offered by someone else’s hand.
  • That… is a fate of stray dog, they never make it home. Job of stray dog is to be known forever as: a rogue, rebel or an alley entertainer.

Ronin (Masterless Samurai) met a Stray Dog …

  • You see, Masterless Samurai, otherwise referred as Ronin, were always referred to as Stray Dogs, because they would wander without purpose.
  • Without master – the retainer, Samurai – no matter how much skilled is of no worth. He’s either a looter, hired assassin or meager vagabond.
  • Under lord’s care Samurai would eat good, sleep good, live good with purpose and direction. The dedication to an art would have meaning.
  • But Ronin is even lesser than a peasant, as peasant would know how to farm and survive, but without lord, skilled warrior would just stray.
  • And such is also a fate of a lover without the beloved, an artist without the audience, and a person competent without the presence of work.
Stray dog dreams and associates self with the humans... Foolish chap.

Stray dog dreams and associates self with the humans… Foolish chap.

- Dedicated to the people who’d dare to love some stray dog, but would never have enough courage to take them home.

Update: 2014 – 04 – 18:

Miss Hina Arshad has recently posted this beautiful poem: “Within” that relates with the story very much. I recommend all to have a read. :)

Art/ Image Credits:
1. Casco Viejo Stray Dog (somethingfortheeyes.wordpress.com)
2. Kataoka Dengoemon Takafusa, collection: kuniyoshi_47_ronin (fujiarts.com)
3. Sochi Stray Dog (guardianlv.com)

The Rare

How could rare be compared with anything except itself? Consider this a mirror to your rarity and find yourself.

How could rare be compared with anything except itself?
Consider this as a mirror to your rarity and find yourself.

In the glimmering presence of the beloved,
I often thought of asking…
“Why you had to be so rare?”

Then I thought, why not?

When did moon ever had a competition?
when did Sun ever had an equivalent?

when did river flow up side the mountains?
when did rain perch from the earth to the heavens?

since when did the rainbow had scarcity of colors?
since when did time start to flow backwards?

Did butterfly ever turn into a moth again?
Did pearl ever came into being out of the shell?

Wasn’t it too obvious that everything rare
had its place…? it was meant to be there,
so that the seeker can find it.

Because seeker won’t settle for anything less…
would do whatever one can, to earn the rest.

That mirror like reflection that would
hide the flaws, but exaggerate the beauty and talent.
The constant radiance, that would send the warmth,
no matter the distance.

Flow of happiness,
and ecstasy sending chills down the spine.
Colors of veil that one submerges in,
wishing to never be unwind.
The moments that give high.

Those chambers of heart unfathomable,
of whom one wants to touch the corners,
by diving in.
and that mind with lucid imagination
that weaves the places rather than palaces,
with unforgettable fragrance.

- Dedicate to the peerless and incomparable experience.

Update: 4/16/2014 – Artwork done by wonderfully subtle Areesha Khuwaja.

The Rare - Areesha Khuwaja

The rarity of love rests not in appearance, but in the soul captivated in a body.

Image Credits/ Art Reference:
1. Robert Rauschenberg’s White Paintings – (sfmoma.tumblr.com)
2. The Rare – By Areesha Khuwaja

The Stargazer

Stargazer - Kelly Borsheim

Star is the one that lends a life to a gazer stone heart.

How can star
be ever invisible
to a gazer
that she herself found.
One that she herself
for identification
of the colors,
like a mirror.

How can there
be any shadow
in between
when star’s the light,
gazer is the one
facing her.

Each night
star would bestow
gazer a life,
to thrive.
And unaware
of everything,
gazer would keep self
and be mesmerized.

How could star be affected
by what gazer thinks of it?
It’s the star,
its her duty to shine,
to sparkle,
to kill, revive with
a blink of an eye.

Star gazer
would just stare
how star would make
the planets,
whirl around…
How yet
no one would notice
the values profound.

How light would
overwhelm them
and with
few glances
leave them blind.
They’ll perhaps never
be able to see her again.

Except the Gazer,
who was blind,
right before
she made an appearance.

The Stargazer

No more blind, after gazing the star…


- Dedicated to “The Star” and a gazer, who earns the epiphany and becomes blessed. Ironically often the sight that would make someone blind, would also gift someone a sight.

Art References:
1. Stargazer Sculputure by Kelly Borsheim
2. The Stargazer - Statuette - about 3000 BC, probably from Western Anatolia, Early Bronze Age. Placed in Cleveland Museum of Art.


Veiled Vestal Virgin by Rafael Monti, in Chatsworth. Photographed by Nivek671 (DeviantArt)

She radiated the magic from her silence, think what storms would she summon, if she casts the spell.

She flips it and darkness leaves the room for the morning.
It was her hair that casted the net of heavenly night.

She passes by and gardens start to engage in bantering.
It was her scent that made flowers envious for a while.

She takes her eyes off, sets new things into a motion…
It was her gaze that kept hearts from the beating.

She looses the words in air and birds join the song…
It was her silence that kept the nature from dancing.

Moment she hints it, the storm barges through the window…
It was her veil that was keeping the wind light.

She discloses it and downpour soaks the whole street,
It was her secret that kept clouds from their might.

She treads softly, sky shatters like the earth beneath.
Was it her distance that kept the constellation going?

- Dedicated to poem, that unsettles before it puts in a blissful comfort. The beauty and eloquence that charms and leaves bewildered.

Art/ Image Credits:
Veiled Vestal Virgin by Rafael Monti, in Chatsworth. Photographed by Nivek671 (DeviantArt)

The Influence

Today you're the poison, and I am the submissive. Watching you lacerate me and heal me bit by bit.

Today you’re a poison, and I am the one submissive.
Watching you lacerate me and yet heal me bit by bit.

So today, you’re a gold fish, and I’m a baboon.
Watching you play and forgetting the ends of the pool.

Today you’re a high horse, and I’m a path unvisited.
Watching you sprint, and then cover all miles…

Today you’re a stone and I’m your wishing well…
Watching you sink in me and change star lines.

Today you’re a lost wanderer and I’m your forest,
Watching you play inside and looking for the nest.

Today you’re the word and I am the backing silence…
Watching you spread in air, and ceasing the effulgence.

Today you’re the rose and I am a forgetful gardener.
Watching you from afar and seeing you reign.

Today you’re the tacit spoiler and I’m too maligned.
Watching you intoxicate me and blaming the wine.

Today you’re the preacher and I’m a lost scripture.
Watching you consume me and repivot an entire life.

Today you’re the restless spirit and I am a fitting body.
Watching you slip in and beg to be forever confined.

Today you’re the Oracle and I’m an outcome outlined.
Watching you dismantle me and label it “destined”.

Today you’re the cold fire and I am a burning ash.
Watching you acquire and leaving me possessed.

Today you’re the symphony, and I’m a dancer wild.
Watching you orchestrate, and steer me like a kite.

Today you are the pearl, and I’m a relentless seeker.
Watching you forget the shell and dazzling the sea.

Today you’re intense traveler and I’m an ancient map.
Watching you trace every inch and walking all space.

Today you’re the dragon and I’m the fire you breath.
Watching you burn yourself and save everything.

Today you’re my pulse, and I’m your heart beat.
Watching you chase me, and taking the lead.

Today you’re the tear duct and I’m the salt lake.
Watching you rain off me and vanishing all ache.

“Today you’re my everything, and I’m your all”.
Watching you write and inscribe it on my soul.

Today you're the light and I'm a dwindling silhouette. Watching you sustain me and not letting me vanish.

Today you’re the light and I’m a dwindling silhouette.
Watching you sustain and not allowing me to vanish.

- Dedicated to the influence beloved has on the lover free yet confined.

Art/ Image credits:
1. ‘Under The Greenwood Tree’ by Areesha Khuwaja (Original: Minhaj Swati)
2. Absinthe Drinker (Green Fairy) by Viktor Oliva

Update (2014-04-09):
Miss Hira Jamil wrote a more than wonderful response to this poem
on her blog: Unheard Soto Voice, the poem is titled: “The Influence“.

You gather no belief of my intensity (Mere Shauq Da Nai Aitbar Tenu)


You seem to gather no belief of my intensity,
why not come see me burning, come already!
Don’t prolong distaste making excuses mundane.
Such scrutiny? Oh oppressor, come already!

Whether in the distance or the proximity,
ecstasy I sample in both individually.
My love, go for thousand times, if you must
but for million times beloved, come already!

It is in the custom of mosques and temples,
to love thyself, but to chant divine entity.
In abode of wine, trance is only what’s present,
be sensible – like a somber one, come already!

You’re pure, so is pure the heart of yours,
totally uncalled for is your earned enmity.
Now that you didn’t make it to my funeral,
path of my shrine seeks you, come already!

Should you desire to be blessed as well,
march in to a world of the vanquishing (Ghalib).
Come and join the ones intoxicated,
let’s sit along, Oh grounded one, come already!

- Dedicated to the lovers who believe not on intensity of love by their beloved.

mere shauq da nahi aitbaar tainu
aaja vekh mera intezaar a ja
avein laran bahanane labhna en
ki tu sochna en sitamgaar a ja

bhavein hizar te bhavein visaal hove
wakho wakh dohan diyan lazztan ne
mere sohnia ja hazaar wari
aaja pyaria te lakh waar a ja…

eh rivaaz e masjidan mandiran da
uthe hastiyan te khud-parastiyan ne
mai-khaane wich mastiyan hi mastiyan ne
hosh kar banke hoshiyaar a ja…

tu sada te tera dil sada
tainu avein raqeeb qurah paya
je tu mere janaaze te nahi aya
raah takdae teri mazaar a ja…

sukhi wasna je tu chauna e
mere ‘Ghaliba’ es jahaan andar
aaja rindan di bazm wich a beh ja
ethe baithde ne khaaksaar a ja…

- Punjabi lyrics translated by Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum. Original lyrics were penned by Mirza Ghalib in Persian. The rendition above is beautifully done by Ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali.

Disclaimer: Punjabi is neither my first nor my second language. I have taken too many liberal routes with translation. If there’s any problem in interpretation altogether, I would be more than happy to know and correct my negligence.

Heart stopped will begin to wish again (Tamanna Phir Machal Jaye)


The heart stopped will begin to wish again, if you show up.
This feverish sky too will turn effervescent, if you show up.

The constant regret of being never up to much in my whole life.
This lingering remorse of mine will too fade, if you show up.

When you’re not beside, everyone lends me – an eye of mercy.
This whole world would start to envy me, if you show up.

These conflicts of world, the feuds social, and chores of work.
All evil and curse would settle by-self, if you show up.

- Dedicated to the hearts colored even in a distance of the beloved.

Tamanna Phir Machal Jaaye Agar Tum Milne Aa Jayo,
Yeh Mausam Hi Badal Jaye Agar Tum Milne Aa Jayo,
Mujhe Gum Hai Ki Meine Zindagi Mein Kuch Nahi Paya,
Yeh Gum Dil Se Nakal Jaye Agar Tum Milne Aa Jayo,
Nahi Milte Ho Mujhse Tum To Sab Humdard Hai Mere,
Zamana Mujhse Jal Jaye Agar Tum Milne Aa Jayo,
Yeh Dunya Bhar Ke Jhagde Ghar Ke Kisse Kam Ke Baate,
Balaa Har Ek Tal Jaye Agar Tum Milne Aa Jayo.

Original lyrics penned by famous poet Javed Akhtar.

The audio rendition above is by non-other than Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, from his album Soz (Pathos).