Faith, Unity, Discipline

“Faith, Unity, Discipline”… Those 3 words…! the principles to live by.

Faith: Source of hope, a point of sticking out when there’s no apparent chance of doing so… It isn’t about religion, it’s about faith in ourselves – individualism, faith in humanity, faith in innovation and creativity, and faith in radical ideas never tried before. But even when faith is blind, it’s never without a rationale. Faith isn’t about shooting an arrow in a dark, just randomly.

Unity: Source of strength, a point of harmony when both homogeneous and heterogeneous groups embrace each other for the shared goal. It’s in co-operation, collaboration, diversity and pluralism, the secret for sustainability of any species lies. But even when united, it’s essential to critically evaluate each other’s point of reason and constructively improve on the set of ideologies. That’s how any group would make a significant progress, otherwise the result is stagnation.

Discipline: Source of focused action, a point of following practices when results become increasingly better. It isn’t about a routine, it’s about a process that relies on self-improvement. It’s discipline that leads us from a point of inception to a point of action, where no exploitation or act of violence is carried on its way. Action that’s focused on a long-term results rather than a short-term, focusing on a value that matters rather than one that sells better. Consistency in discipline can only come when practices induced in it always have a margin of improvement, and when this fact is never forgotten by the practitioners.

These 3 principles, have a power to change the lives of people… and as a matter of fact, they’ve. My respects for the leader who gave us this gift. But perhaps it’s a gift that we’ve got but has not earned yet.

“I hope” that “we together” make a “sincere effort” to understand the “way of progress” and continue to question “why” behind each “what”, to rediscover the principles of life.

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