Unse Nain Mila Kar Dekho – “Let yourself be spellbound by her…”


(Undeniably your conduct is full of tenderness and compassion.
Merely a coincidence though, I never made past your selection.)

Let yourself be spellbound by her…

Let her eyes cast a charm on yours…
Let this deception be part of yours..
What secret lies in unity of distance
Let revelation of it come to your fours..

Hiding under the silence of an evening someday…
Try humming those old songs of sophomore…

Since it is a pitch-black night today..
Have an attempt to illuminate your cores…

Have spent an entire life in remembrance….

Brief moments of night spent in your company
a stretch of period remains in saintly waiting
Though it’s an event of happiness, meeting thee
Post meeting, sadness is all that remains in me

Have spent whole life in remembrance
For once try slipping into the trance doors..

– Original lyrics by Munir Niazi, rendition by Ghulam Ali saheb.

Urdu version:

ان سے نین ملا کے دیکھو
یہ دھوکا بھی کھا کے دیکھو

دوری میں کیا بھید چھپا ہے
اس کا کھوج لگا کے دیکھو

کسی اکیلی شام کی چپ میں
گیت پرانے گا کے دیکھو

آج کی رات بہت کالی ہے
سوچ کے دیپ جلا کے دیکھو

دل کا گھر سنسان پرا ہے
دکھ کی دھوم مچا کے دیکھو

جاگ جاگ کر عمر کٹی ہے
نیند کے دوارے جا کے دیکھو

– منیر نیازی


2 thoughts on “Unse Nain Mila Kar Dekho – “Let yourself be spellbound by her…”

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