School vs. Prison – When institutions trade long-term effectiveness for short-term efficiency

Why is it that our schools, the supposed centers of learning have to be like this?? In an era of research and technology, where we’ve consistently reducing barriers of communication, continuously improving methods of deliverance, where scientific research keeps illuminating us with what’s effective and what’s not, and with a journey of modern civilization reaching to its pinnacle… yet we’ve institutions that operate like factories and prisons – all in a name of “discipline and efficiency”.

It appears they’re more interested in producing automated, scripted, always conforming, status-quo following, pre-programmed trajectory set, efficient – mannequins; rather than flourished people with creative, collaborative, critical and analytical skills, those who can think on their own, for whom decisions are not already made.

Eventually the very institutions designated to provide society with free-thinkers are responsible for the factory production of so-called educated yet indispensable array of mass-followers; Alas, systematically no better than any uneducated mass-consumer, both getting exploited while not having a foggiest clue of it.

– Platform: Youth Education Reforms Initiative
Supporting Analogy by: Jose Vilson
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