Lover, infidel;

Lover, infidel;

Lover, infidel; To pray or to foray?

In the times when priest asks one to confess,
drifters drink along, peddlers urge to foray.
I encountered tranquility in the solitude,
shy – she was; nor was I bold; guess we met halfway.

Passing whole day remembering the days of past,
“What treachery did I do, when did I betray?”
The magic your smile casted on me, moment I saw you…
curse on these dreamy eyes that always gave me away….

What not the bells and chimes sing me whole day…
Yet it’s echo of your heart beat that stills my day…
Running out of beads in a holy string now…
how much more for you I have to pray??

Don’t you see I’m tired of performing all these chores?
For none could ever return me what you’ve taken away.
Summon all your gods; summon all your deities…
ask them each, “To whom they gifted my soul’s say?”

All those stages, shackles of hierarchy, chain of commands,
Order me whose hand to kiss now, in order to find your way…
Have shown my lines to all soothsayers in the region,
line once they said had your name, has now faded away.

For years the land is barren; clouds and rains long gone…
pity me who keeps wondering when dryness would go away.
Sheer optimism and happiness when am observing the signs…
or deluding thyself? Like bliss would ever come this way…

– Dedicated to betrayal, both man led and natural.. to what becomes a reason for us to loose someone very dear.
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