“Love Soon, Love Letter…”

This is not a blank paper.

Love Letter

Love, when you send me a letter,
once send it as a blank paper…
with just your smell in it,
propelling me into the wild.
And then would come my reply,
page dipped – soaked in ink,
having no words written on it.
Keep that along your bed side.

But remember..

No paper weight can hold it tight.
Acknowledge, that it is my heart sink,
embedded are toxic fumes in it.
They are just for you to remind…
I’m a man of simple tastes.
Our pleasures are juvenile.
I wish as much to be yours, like you mine.
Break it – for you, it has “No last line.”

– Dedicated to a particular specie of love… “love too soon”, which also happens to be a “love too later”.
Image credits: Photo-stock site. (It’s never a blank paper…. is it?)

Update: 10/6/2013:

Poem: "Love Soon, Love Letter" by Serenades of a Dreamer...

“Love Soon, Love Letter”

13 thoughts on ““Love Soon, Love Letter…”

      • I can’t decide this time.
        I love each single word of it; from the first line to the last letter. From where you talk about the ‘blank page’ to the ‘no last line’, from ‘page dipped – soaked in ink’ to the ‘no paper weight can hold it tight’. If I had to quote ‘the best part’ here, the whole of it should be pasted.

  1. Pingback: Annabel Lee | Serenades of a dreamer...
    • Thank you Miss Maqsood/ Falak. Trust me, whenever it works well, it’s more of a serendipity. After all what is a human life without a charm of an unexpected yet pleasant surprises. 🙂

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