Few Moments

Reading your words,
am looking in your eyes,
and listening your voice…
Feeling you as close,
as my lips are to the glass of wine.
Wish if I can just borrow
you from your friends,
even if only for few moments,
Moments – with normal beginning
but no end in sight…
No time-frame can have a hold on such,
bonds begun to last for a lifetime.
Like loose threads,
end up intertwined.
Look how the petals of the rose,
are germinating a seed in my mind…

See how we’re ready,
to be captivated,
to be en-wrapped…
To remain
engulfed in emotions,
and sapped.
a walk on the edge,
a leap of faith.
Diving in an ocean together
and searching for a place,
where pearls are out in open,
we’re in shell.
Spending all
what could be spent in there,
while outside what passed are
just few moments…

– Dedicated to those moments that are never few and never enough…


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