I am still on a page…
the chapter you left writing,
the poem unfinished.
Once I was an ink of your pen,
now in a frozen state
lend me some life…
stroke me on your canvas again…
Like a desert as opus,
I did painting on sand,
while dust storm returns
to paint something as flames.
Yet in a wind that flows
from one horizon to another
I’m a leaf of an autumn
that won’t move a place.
Like a flower
that won’t drift in a river,
frozen in moments
it originates.

Is it a coincidence
or turn of a fortune?
Now rocks do find
me intimidating…
They wish me no peace,
wish me to be found by
new generation of archaeologists.
Even stone lovers
now find me fascinating.
Little would they know…
it’s a tombstone of a caliph
erected in a cave of no light
but yet of swimming shadows…
And when all hope is lost,
someone’s here
as stiff to find,
the sprouts of life hanging
among cracks of walls,
and fractures of hinges.

– Dedicated to the lovers too patient and always impatient, as some war eventually torments them both… and a Michael Ondaatje‘s novel with its superb film adaptation of same name by director Anthony MinghellaThe English Patient.

Listen to the epic background score of the film while you read the poem. Starts with out worldly voice of Márta Sebestyén’s Szerelem, Szerelem (Love, Love).

Previously posted on my Facebook profile.

Update: 10/7/2013:

Poem: Perseverance

Poem: Perseverance

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