“You happened.”


Before you happened
to me
I was a thug,
cursed and exiled.
After you,
I knew
I met a murderer.
Now, I am half-dead,
a poet,
and a fugitive.

Not that
I complain,
I was of little use
before anyways.
But now I serve
as a sample
for melancholy,
toxic-state and
demonically possessed.

– Dedicated to one who asked: “What happened?” … Quite a question, I was like…

Is she really this unaware
or it’s me who’s in veil?
Whatever the reason,
the die has cast now,
dice – rolled,
the curse – began.

I’m already an outcast,
in some circles
they know me as
an infidel.
I race through the history,
to check time and again…
But to no avail…

What good am I of now?
Defiled, broken,
useless, inflamed.
With residue and remains.
Even maintained,
I am back to square one,
but this time
labelled: “profane”.

– Dedicated to a healing and patience… pity me, even that’s in her name… Blessed are those who know, yet love the souls that are desolated and drenched. Perhaps it’s true – a cliche – that two dying stars give birth to a neutron. Even if not… Today… for me… just pretend.

And then she came,
like a glory in pain.
Just when I thought
all was over…
tries are destined in vain.
Amidst all that chaos,
she introduced me to

Kept me wondering,
was she for real..
or was I going insane?
How can she
and not one who I love,
can become a med
for this man?

And then begun
an unimaginable act
I started to replace love,
with her name…
What’s a cure for an addict?
sterile numbness – a death or a fix again.

– Dedicated to those who stick around and those who know – no matter how many times they fall… rising too is part of a game. All cycles end to resume again! But for your future, nothing can be said – at-least not for certain. 😉 Things only happen to those who try. There exist people who vest themselves in fallen. Some become terrain, some become mountain, some become a Savannah, and some an inclined plane.

Thank you all for bearing me, and these 3-poems, now in few circles known as “try-o-logy” of what happens – what happened…

Also a tribute to great Indian classic: Raj Kapoor’s “Mera Naam Joker“, a tale of a man who inadvertently falls in love time and again…

mera naam joker mera_naam_joker_4_1024x1024

Image Credits: Official Film Posters.

8 thoughts on ““You happened.”

  1. Very thought provoking piece. I liked those ” dedicated to” parts..and the analogy, especially scientific ones and
    ” I am back to square one,
    but this time
    labelled: “profane”…
    On the whole, simply stupendous!

    • Thank you Pamela… It came to my realization one day that not many things are written for love addicts. Usually people go on like “Never to love again” or “Love can never happen again, it can never be same.” etc.
      I was compelled to write a piece about those who’re in love with the concept of love itself. Who in-spite of being shattered into pieces reassemble themselves, and thought reluctant at first, still helplessly fall in love again. 🙂

      • hehe. I completely roger that. 🙂
        So true, ‘Love’, a little word assumes such great a form.
        Helpless- we certainly are before its subtle strength.

  2. What a coincidence indeed! Great, thoughtful, and I liked the dedicated parts. I would like to link this poem to the quote I posted, if that’s okay with you?

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