Moonlighting Murderer

Portrait - Ali Sohani - Neo Noir

Moonlighting Murderer

Escapades of a dreamer,
and dreams of a nocturnal lover
tilt me
to put me off the edge..
For you..
I am moonlighting as a murderer!

Trades of a merchant,
and precision of a jeweler
deceive me
to put me off the edge…
For you..
I am moonlighting as a murderer!

Serenades of a drifter,
and spells of a sorcerer
enlighten me
to put me off the edge..
For you..
I am moonlighting as a murderer!

Masquerades of the spy,
and enigma of a keeper
expose me
to put me off the edge…
For you..
I am moonlighting as a murderer!

Crusades of the monk,
and acts of a sunlight preacher
crucify me
to put me off the edge..
For you..
I am moonlighting as a murderer!

– Dedicated to states of perplexion, walking contradictions, and breathing amalgamations; along my favorites in Film NoirTaxi Driver, Drive (2011 film), Blue Velvet, Blade Runner, A Bittersweet Life, Léon, Le Samurai, The American, The Machinist, A History of Violence, Fight Club, Sin City

You can also read the poem while listening to a mystic music by maestro Vangelis from an epic Ridley Scott film-noir Blade Runner…

Previously posted at my Facebook profile.

14 thoughts on “Moonlighting Murderer

  1. great post Ali!
    But this appeared in my WordPress Reader a multiple times??
    I guess your settings are enabled for “post changes or revisions” too. 🙂

    • Thank you Pamela. To be honest, I believe it was me. I was experimenting with publication dates and all, how to move it forward, how to schedule etc. As some of my friends complained that they didn’t see the post in the reader. Ironically my experiments might have bombarded them with it… .
      I also didn’t know the fact that, use of many tags in a post, reduces its visibility. WordPress doesn’t promote the posts with so many tags, so I also had to cut them loose. Please share with me any advice you may have, I’m novice in these matters. 🙂

      • Arey! your specs make you look like a Techie expert.
        I am a novice too when it comes too handling this invention of man! 😉
        Although a B.Tech, I call myself BA in computer Science, to be honest! 😛
        And I didnt know too many tags harm u. Oops! I have bombarded my posts with tags. Hehe.
        Thanks for sharing this.

      • Yeah, I’m techie. That’s why I had an instinct in a first place, that something is wrong, and there must be a rationale. That’s what led me to investigate the promotion tact and its relation with tag surplus.
        I’m novice in how wordpress has policies with regard to content management and promotion of content. As before this I never owned a personal wordpress. I used tumblr casually. Someone convinced me to hop in.
        Yet I struggle to find a good feedback. Is it really a good platform for writers/ poets? Things don’t seem to move here unless you already mingle in social group of same. Another thing that keeps me wondering is, how do you get a literary critique and scrutiny on write-ups, or at-least a detailed comment? For growth one should join that sort of group or website.. No? Do you know any such?

      • If you look at my blog you will know that I have been blogging since 3.5 years at a practically steady pace.
        But the acknowledgment has started flowing in just 2 weeks back.
        Before that I pestered people I knew to visit my blog. 😉
        And this is only after I started focusing on networking as much as on writing. 😀
        the ‘lunacy of likes’ syndrome- I call it.
        Ironically,the quality of the writeup remains same, but appreciation has grown beyond leaps and bounds.

        But all is fair in Love and Blogging! After all who doesnt like to be ‘liked’.

        The key to good feedback is not any good platform but perseverance.
        Remember! The rolling stone gathers no moss 😉

      • Hmm. Comparing to lunacy of likes, I have lunacy of deep or novel comments. People who can tell me what they liked the most, what genre is my natural strength, where am I getting repetitive, so that I deviate and do something different..
        So it’s true that people dwelling in creativity now not just require to focus on creativity and expression, but also on promotion… Social networking, participation in events, self-promotional tool bags, self-obsessed shout-outs… otherwise your content may stick in the piles of dirt, or fade in obscurity, as apparently there is already a lots of information overload on internet.
        I know you would agree that it’s really bothering to see when more than often relevant content gets suppressed just because it didn’t have tools or means to promote and spread.
        I’m thankful that I have found people like you who not just read but also analyze, comment and help.
        Thank you Pamela. 🙂

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    • Thank you. 🙂
      Great to know discussion helped. Reading that you’re a techie yourself, I’m sure when you stumble across something better you’ll share. I always like when you care to comment, do let me know when I start sounding repetitive or mundane.

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