Sacrifice of…
Flesh for the soul.
Basic instincts for goal.
Materialism for essence.
Possession for fragrance.
Irrationality for rationale.
Luxury for brilliance.
Indifference for care.
Bandwagons for individuality.
Smartness for bewilderment.

It’s not a deed for the sake of glory,
nor a compulsion for the sake of society,
It’s never just about a custom,
ritual, tradition or some story…

It’s meant for an essence
the “Why” behind the “What”.
a reminder to comprehend,
what we most usually don’t.

That when it comes to choose,
we must always choose
what is most relevant,
something that makes us different.

What makes us better,
from the species known till yet?
Isn’t it a quality of human to be
reasonable while being humane?

To not be a slave of what’s popular
or be too comfortable with mundane…
To never follow anything blindly
just for the labels or big name.

To never stick to a singular mind-frame,
To realize value of
unlearning for learning,
non-conformity for progress,
novelty and innovation for change.

The biggest sacrifice is,
sacrifice of one’s self,
all possessions,
all claims,
all desires,
all affiliations,
the fame and the name.

– Dedicated to religions and customs of the world, where some sort of sacrifice is either a part of an initiation or it’s a ritual maintained and followed as a tradition or cultural inheritance. Alas, in many cases rituals and traditions remain but the essence behind them is lost.

Update: 10/16/2013:
A friend asked me to update this post with some imagery…

ManVsLamb8 ManVsLamb9
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Image Credits: None of the images posted above is owned by me or this blog. They were compiled and curated by a friend to deliver a poem’s point in comic strip manner.


Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka (I’m a thought of someone else)


I’m a thought of someone, but being thought by someone else,
Appearing before the mirror is my image, behind is someone else.

I’m under possession of someone, someone else makes the claims,
I’m destined to be with someone, but who begs for me is someone else.

Amidst strange conundrum of belief and disbelief hangs my life,
I belong to someone, yet one who understands me is someone else…

My gloss and luminosity isn’t different from yours description, yet
come close, for me to be sure, you’re the same one or someone else?

You had no idea of enemies, I remain ignorant of friends,
Your story was something, but my incident is something else..

Should you meet face to face again, don’t ask – notice earnestly,
The one who noticed late, amidst the way – the road is different.

Those traditions of juries, those inscriptions of decisions,
My offense was quite different, my sentence is something else…

When my midnight-devotion does not accede to a gloom of morning,
This must be a telling that here now “master” is someone else….

– Dedicated to love unrequited.

Main Khayaal Hun Kisi Aur Ka Mujhe Sochtaa Koi Aur Hai
Sar-E-Aeenah Mera Aks Hai Pas-E-Aeenah Koi Aur Hai

Main Kisi Ke Daste Talab Main Hoon, To Kisi Kay Harf-E -Dua Main Hoon
Main Naseeb Hoon Kisi Aur Ka Mujhe Maangata Koi Aur Hai

Ajab Aitabar-O-Bey Aitabaree, Keh Darmayan Hai Zindagi
Main Qareeb Hoon Kisi Aur Ke Mujhe Janataa Koi Aur Hai

Meri Roshni Teri Khaddo-Khaal Se Mukhtalif To Nahin Magar
Tu Qareeb Aa Tujhe Dekh Lun Tu Wohi Hai Ya Koi Aur Hai

Tujhe Dushmanon Ki Khabar Nati, Mujhey Doston Ka Pata Nahi
Teri Daastan Koi Aur Thi, Mera Waaqaya Koi Aur Hai

Wohi Munsifon Ki Rwaayaten Wohi Faisalon Ki Ibaaraten
Mera Jurm To Koi Aur Tha Par Meri Sazaa Koi Aur Hai

Kabhi Laut Aayen To Na Poochna, Nahin Dekhnaa Onay Ghaur Se
Jinhen Raaste Main Khabar Hoyi Ki Yain Raasta Koi Aur Hai

Jo Meri Riyaazat-E-Nim Shab Ko Saleem Subho Na Mil Saki
To Phir Is Ke Mahni Yain Hoye Ke Yahaan Khudaa Koi Aur Hai

Urdu version:

میں خیال ہوں کسی اور کا ، مجھے سوچتا کوئی اور ہے
سرِ آئینہ میرا عکس ہے ، پسِ آئینہ کوئ اور ہے

میں کسی کے دستِ طلب میں ہوں تو کس کے حرفِ دعا میں ہوں
میں نصیب ہوں کسی اور کا ، مجھے مانگتا کوئی اور ہے

عجب اعتبار و بے اعتبار ی کے درمیان ہے زندگی
میں قریب ہو ں کسی اور کے مجھے جانتا کوئی اور ہے

مری روشنی ترے خد ّو خال سے مختلف تو نہیں مگر
تو قریب آ تجھے دیکھ لوں تو وہی ہے یا کوئی اور ہے

تجھے دشمنوں کی خبر نہ تھی مجھے دوستوں کا پتہ نہیں
تری داستاں کوئی اور تھی مرا واقعہ کو ئی اور ہے

وہی منصفوں کی روایتیں وہی فیصلوں کی عبارتیں
مرا جرم تو کوئی اور تھا پہ مری سزا کوئی اور ہے

کبھی لوٹ آئیں تو پوچھنا نہیں دیکھنا انہیں غور سے
جنہیں راستے میں خبر ہوئی کہ یہ راستہ کوئی اور ہے

جو مری ریاضتِ نیم شب کو سلیم صبح نہ مل سکی
تو پھر اس کے معنی تو یہ ہوئے کہ یہاں خدا کوئی اور ہے

– Original lyrics penned by Saleem Kausar

Superb rendition by Ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan saheb.

Great rendition by classical maestros Ustads Imtiaz and Riaz Ali Khan.