Yeh Dil Yeh Pagal Dil Mera – Aawargi (In my stupid heart: Wanderlust and Vagrancy)


(With great conviction world deceives us,
With utmost veracity we keep believing.)

This heart, the stupid heart of mine,
why being so dim… wanderlust?
In this wilderness, once there was a city
what did happen to it, Oh wanderlust?

Last nightfall, a strange voice
without a form, unsettled me.
I inquired, who are you?
The reply came, “Wanderlust”.

You being the one – my partner,
my confidant from the centuries.
I being the one oblivious
to your existence, Oh Wanderlust.

An unacquainted gust of wind
solicited the reason for my heartache.
In the desert – on wet sand,
I inscribed, “Wanderlust”.

This alienation of pain,
a forlorn journey of a wasteland.
We here have given it up,
you reveal your end, Oh Wanderlust.

Folks, how are we supposed to
inhabit such a city,
where thinking in solitude is a crime,
and punishment: “Wanderlust”.

Last night I saw a “lone moon”,
with its vividness in my dream.
It might be a calling “Mohsin”,
your love forever is… Wanderlust.

– Original poem by: Mohsin Naqvi, the awesome rendition presented above by Ghulam Ali saheb.

(Bade wusook se duniya fareb deti hai,
Bade khuloos se hum aitbaar karte hain… )

ye dil ye pagal dil mera kyon bujh gaya… aawargi
is dasht mein ik shahar tha vo kya hua… “Aawargi”
kal shab mujhe be-shakl si aawaaz ne chaunka diya
main ne kaha tu kaun hai usne kahaa… aawargi
ik tu ke sadiyon se mere, humraah bhi humraz bhi
ik main ke tere naam se …na aashna… “Aawargi”
ik ajnabi jhonke ne jab pucha mere gam ka sabab
sahara ki bheegi ret par main ne likha… aawargi
Ye dard ki tanhaiya, ye dasht ka viraan safar
Hum log to ukta gaye apni suna… “Aawargi”
Logon bhala us sheher mein kaise jiyenge hum jahaan
ho jurm tanhaa sochnaa, lekin sazaa… aawaargi..
Kal raat tanha chand ko, dekha tha maine khwab me
Mohsin mujhe raas ayigi shayad sada… “Aawargi”

Other Translations (relevant, but are not used as a reference, to maintain the originality of interpretation):

Confession: If I had known there are so many good translations of it already, I might’ve shied away from doing it. However, I hope that my interpretation does it justice and exhibits my deep love for it.

6 thoughts on “Yeh Dil Yeh Pagal Dil Mera – Aawargi (In my stupid heart: Wanderlust and Vagrancy)

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