Lucid Dreams

Digital Painting: Man stuck in a labyrinth of lucid dream

Inside the Vortex – Lucid Dreams

Days without measure,
nights without seams…
every moment I treasure,
I meet you in my lucid dreams.

Caught me in the middle,
scent of your body, in air I breathe..
letting all defenses sheathe
I wanna cuddle you in my lucid dreams.

Gravity of time, a city of love,
unsettled for ages, left in awe,
revisiting those places, like an affinity of dove.
“Where will you be?” I ask in my lucid dreams.

Your sparkling in a meeting,
way our hands keep clinging…
Nothing’s more important it seems,
I dance with you in my lucid dreams.

the vortex of space, the fabric of time,
let’s bend it until it is just yours and mine.
venture along again into the extremes,
walk with me into the realm of lucid dreams…

– Dedicated to lucid-dreaming and time-traveling romance… When nostalgia takes-over and one deliberately chooses to live in a fantasy.
Vanilla Sky, The Butterfly Effect, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Lake House, The Science of Sleep, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Awaken.

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Music for lucid dreaming:

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