I hate you too…

Following is a response poem, for Maria Imran‘s wonderful piece: 10 Reasons Why I Hate You.

“It’s not just you… I hate you too…”

I hate you because:
you write words that I want to hear,
but along come moments difficult to bear.

I hate you because:
you make it seem everything’s normal,
but I know I’m anything but.

I hate you because:
you comprehend what remains unsaid,
and that makes you the one irreplaceable.

I hate you because:
you satiate the desire of my thirst,
knowing I’ll always quench for more.

I hate you because:
you know my weakness, yet accept me,
making me wonder, “what would I be without you?”

I hate you because:
you make all what’s impossible a possible for me,
leaving one possibility – an impossible for me.

I hate you because:
world keeps spinning when I’m thinking of you,
words betray their essence when it comes to you.

– Dedicated to those who say they do hate, while in reality can do anything but that.

Note: Why response? – Because my master taught me, the best way to appreciate an art is to create a response for it. This is how art multiplies its effect, not just that it acquires a life of its own, but it also lends it to someone else. Sometimes it becomes a lot more than what the previous artist desired.