I hate you too…

Following is a response poem, for Maria Imran‘s wonderful piece: 10 Reasons Why I Hate You.

“It’s not just you… I hate you too…”

I hate you because:
you write words that I want to hear,
but along come moments difficult to bear.

I hate you because:
you make it seem everything’s normal,
but I know I’m anything but.

I hate you because:
you comprehend what remains unsaid,
and that makes you the one irreplaceable.

I hate you because:
you satiate the desire of my thirst,
knowing I’ll always quench for more.

I hate you because:
you know my weakness, yet accept me,
making me wonder, “what would I be without you?”

I hate you because:
you make all what’s impossible a possible for me,
leaving one possibility – an impossible for me.

I hate you because:
world keeps spinning when I’m thinking of you,
words betray their essence when it comes to you.

– Dedicated to those who say they do hate, while in reality can do anything but that.

Note: Why response? – Because my master taught me, the best way to appreciate an art is to create a response for it. This is how art multiplies its effect, not just that it acquires a life of its own, but it also lends it to someone else. Sometimes it becomes a lot more than what the previous artist desired.


6 thoughts on “I hate you too…

  1. It’s probably human nature to hating one person who could see through us—knows the words before we speak them, can tell what we like and what we don’t, and can guess how we feel about him/her. We just like to keep the mystery. Losing it is like breaking down the wall we build around us. We feel too fragile and too vulnerable. Any idea what’s more loathsome? That’s when the person doesn’t even make any effort to get us to struggle this much. Tsk

    I liked this piece—too real, too powerful.

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  3. Turns out it is a beautiful gift for me too ! Loved the thing you said about admiring an art by creating response for it…. Maria’s piece was splendid and you made it more wonderful with this response. Loved it…..Excellent words and phrases.

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