Consequence of Sacred Love

Rain Drops

Rain Drops

Bouncing off the surface,
shining in haste..
the foggy sun rays…

like twilight
into a meadow;
little overwhelming,
bit under the shadows.

Bubbling up
like a soap foam,
cloudy atmosphere
floating carelessly
kissing the canvas,
painting new hues.

Rebelling tides
transforming into
the calmed waves
soothing along the shore;
results of struggle.

With freshness of spring water,
warmth of summer,
pinch of winter edginess
and saltiness of autumn;
transparent and fragile.

Like a dew that stays on
leaves for the night’s glow
they cover and morph;
charm of sacred descent,
a fruit of love.

With each drop
traveling to meet the other,
arrows struck in my heart,
is it a weather
or the lover’s bow?

– Dedicated to her – the rainy weather.

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