Beacon of Hope

Country's Flag

“The Flag” – Hope, as even barren lands become fertile again…

Beacon of hope strives making an endearing call
When coldness of thy rulers numb heart n soul

The echoes of chant give chill to the bones
Yelling screams of passion during night fall

Irony of time melting stone-hearts to whimper.
A making of those who surmount tide n thunder…

Bewilderment in heart, having a mind with wonder..
A warmth of smile forcing captivator to surrender!

– Dedicated to current times…
May we all rise against tyranny, contemplating and acting – seeing through the lies.

Inspiration: Poet and philosopher Allama Iqbal. This November 9, 2013 is his 136th birthday anniversary. If someone asks to name 3 poets that never cease to amaze, and always have poems so deep that they captivate you and work on multiple levels, answer would be: Rumi, Ghalib and Iqbal.

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6 thoughts on “Beacon of Hope

  1. ladies and gentlemen, the great Ali, a leading warrior for universal social conscience and meaningful change!! excellent work!! makes me want to get off so much introspective, mournful writing and do more to call attention to the injustices (past and present) in our world.

    • Dear Bob. I don’t think I deserve such praise… especially when I confess that my biggest fear is of being not so consistent. I hope I remain honest, contemplative and expressive so that one day I rise up to even half of the praise that you’ve bestowed on me. 🙂
      On your idea of issuing the awakening and attention calls, I love the idea! Would love to hear and exchange response pieces with you, even as a collaborator if you deem me worthy of it.
      Thank you for your presence.

      • oh man, Ali, trust me, you are worthy. i am sometimes a moral and social weakling, but i admire voices of social justice. worthy?? hell yes, i’d be honored to exchange and collaborate with you on a specific genre of social conscience!!!! i’ve not done a lot, and what i’ve done is rather american specific, but i have a passion for global justice. sometimes my political commentary gets mixed up with my ire of american religious views that mix up with politically biased opinions against other people in other parts of the world. if you read enough of me, you can probably see i’m not as angry with god as i am with religious distortions that subjugate human freedom. and don’t even get me started on the american church’s blind support of israel and it’s “right” to rule Palestine by force. i’ll be out of town tomorrow and sunday, but if you’re interested, i have some stuff filed under “political”, “patriotism”, and if you go to older posts under “religious” you might be interested in a post titled “favorite son”, which was a follow up to “murder south of town”, but ended up being more political in nature. sorry for such a wordy response, but you got me fired up. peace and anger my friend. oh yea, and if you want to see what my hang up is with american religious culture, read “things are looking bad here” under “religious”. let me know what you think. ha! you might decide after reading that i’m a person to be avoided at all cost.

  2. Reblogged this on Life by Usman and commented:
    But the wheels of old Time roll along as we climb,
    And our youth speeds away on the years;

    And with hearts that arc numb with life’s sorrows we come
    To the mist-covered station of tears.


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