“Meant to be…”



Amidst states of perplexion,
walking contradictions,
breathing amalgamations..
walked a moonlighting professional;
seeking salvation as revenge.

Answer him or ignore him,
destroy him or embrace him..
He seeks the feedback,
from “the one”…
who set him on the path…
who put him on the edge!

For an extent of a life,
he carved for such contact…
where whatever meets the eye
would appear trivial,
and what doesn’t –
would appear fresh.

Is it about a desire?
Or has it anything to do with
an addiction?
Is it how the way things work?
or these were
the culprit’s intentions?

Either ways,
he was seeking the way out,
way before “They” met.
Written all over him
was a name,
dug deep into the soul
as a sketch.

From faces in heavy clouds,
to pathways in thick forest,
From back-alleys sunk in fog
to ice-hard slippery mountains,
From muddiness in a water,
to a frozen mist on a surface.

All branches, all roads,
all paths and all molds,
each crack, every asset
every lineage, each facet,
led to one – an only address.

Route pre-coursed
to a destination.
All is,
All was,
to happen
at one point.
Inevitable for collision.

The mare’s nest
set from the get go…
in very first moment.
Before that
all spent
was a life in an obscurity.
Perhaps, a precursor to a test.

Who knew before – what felt like
being under an unbreakable spell?
Who knew the union was a result
of an effort..?
Isn’t effort too a result
of hunger in first place…?

Who knew what sense was
behind all the madness?
Who could’ve envisioned
both were the ends of a single thread?
It’s a journey that’s
“meant to be..”
they said.

– Dedicated to moonlighting lovers and explorers, as I don’t know the difference in between… it’s always open for contemplation.

Image credits: wikimedia.org

5 thoughts on ““Meant to be…”

  1. after reading this about five different times over the past twenty-four hours if found it difficult to reply as i see myself therein. nevertheless, a brilliant piece of poetry no matter who it belongs to.

    • Thank you Bob. Like always for your kind words. For a poet if poem relates to one soul and even if only one soul, the mission is accomplished. 🙂
      Because isn’t all expression there to find an intimate connection, another soul that’s passing through the same ordeal? So that two can merge at a single point. Whether that point becomes a point of serenity or point of disruption.

      • yes, that is what i believe. i write for myself, and feel doubly blessed when even one person connects with what i’m saying. sometimes we write to exorcise our own demons, just to find someone else has the demons that answer to what we write.

  2. Did I tell you how much I like these lines?

    The all branches, roads, paths, and molds- and every crack, each facet leading to one- the only address part?

    And this, the way it goes, the design and all:

    “Route pre-coursed
    to a destination.
    All is,
    All was,
    to happen
    at one point.
    Inevitable for collision.”

    And how it ends, the single thread, meant to be they said thing-
    Just so good.

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