Facts to Essence Series – Episode 2

Facts and the essence extracted from them…

  • Ferruccio Lamborghini, invented his company when he’s disappointed by the Ferrari he owned and his complaint was rejected.
    • Your customers can either be fan of your product and your evangelist or they can be your fierce enemy… what you want them to be depends on the way you treat them.
    • Every great thing that’s born somewhere has come out of some disappointment. Frustration plants a seed of an innovation.
    • Best way to criticize something is to create something better, in competition. Or to offer a working model – a solution. If you can’t do that, you should still voice your opinion in as objective manner as possible.
    • Suppressing the voice is suppressing a possible innovation.
  • Stray dogs in Moscow have learned to use the city’s subway system. They get on and off their required stops. 
    • Even dogs show this much intelligence, exhibiting an unsupervised learning. With the changes in a surrounding – in the ecosystem you are an inhabitant of, you got to change yourselves too. This is called an adaptation.
    • If there exists a way that can improve your routine, that can help you to do things faster, better or allows you to finish them with more quality – you should implement/ adopt that process.  If that’s not possible, one should strive to discover or invent such way.
    • Continuous Process Improvement is the name of a game, in which you regularly monitor your habits/ your routine, and keep working on improvising.  First in small batches as a test, and then slowly covering the whole base.
    • Only habit one should have is a habit of performing better while adopting to a change in best possible way.
  • Due to their extreme atmospheric conditions, it actually rains diamonds on Neptune and Uranus.
    • As mentioned in series’ previous article,  assumptions can be wrong. Evidence can point us to something we might have never thought before.
    • What’s impossible in one system or rare in one state, can be possible and common somewhere else. When systems differ so do the conditions, and with them the results.
    • Know your mission, know your team, know your context and know your culture – Before thinking of any rules and their implementation.
    • Gather a collective opinion, test on a small sub-set, work out the problems and hurdles, optimize according to the results, and then bundle it with rewards and reputation before full system-wide application. Optimize your culture first and then optimize the strategy.
  • A woman from Michigan named Barbara Soper gave birth on 10/10/10, 09/09/09 and 08/08/08 — The odds of that are 50 million to one.
    • As mentioned above. Rare things happen, just because they haven’t happened yet, doesn’t mean they can’t or would never.
    • Everything has a probability to occur, when we can’t come up with a good number as in probability of their occurrence. It is probably due to that thing being overlooked or missed being envisioned.
    • Always be open to the possibility of things that can happen. Keep your planning intact but your body adaptive and mind open.
    • When planning for risks, there’s always a probability of missing the risks being envisioned. After all due-diligence done that’s necessary for the project, uncertainty buffer has still its place.

– Prepared for workshop/ lecture classes I conducted on “Project Management and Organizational Leadership” at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) and Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBIT), both situated in Karachi.

Disclosure: Facts (in italics) come directly from @UberFacts twitter stream.

Note: “Warning: Never Trust A Proclamation Without Citation” – (Always be ready to do your research!)

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