The Grocery List – A Love Story

The Grocery List - A Love Story

The Grocery List – A Love Story

Peanut Butter, Black Dates
White Rice, Brown Bread

Grapes, Plums, Melons
Almond, Cashew, Walnuts

Rasp-berries, Straw-berries
Coconut, Pine-Apple Canned

Spinach, Garlic and Ginger
Wine and Lemonade

Bananas with Avocado
Apples with Cherries

Olive oil, Sunflower oil,
Pasta with Lettuce Romaine

Shrimps and Prawns
Fruit Juice, Blue Berries

Chili and Honey
Pickles and Turmeric..

Sunflower seeds,
Vanilla extract, Red beats.

Eggs & Salmon
Chicken Breast and Skim Milk

Cereals and Vinegar,
Spaghetti and Macaronis.

Agave nectar, Rapadura…
Rosemary and Sage

Potatoes & Cabbage
Apricot and Oranges

– Dedicated to well, the couples who fall in love, get married and sustain a family… 🙂
And specially to my friend who challenged me that I can’t write as much as a simple grocery list. A food for thought you left me with, this crude humor is your gift… 😉

For the lazy ones who need a deciphering guide for the list above…

Cheesy Restaurant, Blind Date,
White Woman, Brown Man.
Her features and assets,
His features and presets.
Beautiful and voluptuous is she,
Hard out but soft inside, is he.
and atmosphere.
Exhibition from him,
Revelation from women.
Discretion of both,
Excretion of fluids..
Marriage as queen and king,
celebration and feast.
Arguments – fire, makeups – a treat,
bittersweet mood swings but heals.
She begins expecting,
a baby in peace.
Children and the mother,
routine and accessories…
From morning to night,
life in complex routines.
But it’s sweet naturally,
creating potent memories…
Though lazy and unappealing,
yet spirits are refreshing. 😉

– Dedicated to creator of real love stories – raw, humorous, ironic, tragic but in the end still compassionate and sweet…

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5 thoughts on “The Grocery List – A Love Story

  1. LOL at first I felt like I l die with hunger after reading a long lists of eatables 😉 The second part was amazing too….. I wonder how could one make a love story with just the names of fruits and food…..Amazing ! 🙂

    • In short, here a lesson learned is: “Never challenge your friend to write a grocery list” 😉 Someone like me might attempt to infuse in it a soul in form of the emotions, fantasies, sensuality, reality, tragedy and serenity… 🙂

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