Happy Children’s Day

Curiosity of a Child...

Curiosity of an unfathomable mind…

On this universal children’s day, lets remind ourselves to raise our voices against child abuse, child labor, childhood indoctrination and child exploitation via forms of trafficking, slavery, early marriage, debt bondage or blocking their access to forms of education.

Let us embrace the passion, zeal, creativity and curiosity in children rather neglecting them; Not ruling them by fear & punishment but inspiring them by a rationale, brilliance and turning ourselves into a better example.

Let us teach them how to learn vs. what to learn. Furnishing their access to free education along the forms of art and literature. Their participation in sports and diverse culture.

Lets facilitate them to discover the values of life, helping as a guiding principle rather an intimidation point. Inspiring them to embrace the diversity in society while working with pluralism. Exhibiting them to be less brand conscious and more value conscious.

Lets be encouraging and promoting of the young talent, the gifted ones – the childhood prodigies… and beyond all lets cherish the inner child that lies beneath all of us.

Let us remind ourselves that it’s not just about a day.. it’s about forever!

Embrace curiosity, promote creativity, inspire fun! —  It’s not yet, but strive to make it a Happy Children’s World!

Earlier version was posted on: my Facebook profile (last year).

4 thoughts on “Happy Children’s Day

  1. “Lets facilitate them to discover the values of life, helping as a guiding principle rather an intimidation point.”
    True. This is the core reason behind child’s low self esteem.
    You’ve addressed the issue very well. Only if we all understood this. Maybe one day, as you’ve said. 🙂

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