Unbearable Lightness of Being…

Drowned by your weight.

Drowned by weight…

When my love will fathom
the deepest ocean there is
for you…
I know I’m bound to be depressed.
There’s no light,
so they say,
that reaches such place.

But I would reach there,
and my light won’t fade.
That won’t be a despair,
affirming to world’s taste.

with a sacred incense.
My journey there
is along a partner,
that never ceased to amaze.

With affinity of depths,
conquering uncharted lands,
submitting to heart,
ruling the sense.

And when darkness will overwhelm,
I’ll still have you with me,
holding my hand.
Making me see unseen,
making me feel unfelt.

Before you…
I had many incidents,
left some bruised, some left remains..
Touched by a lightning,
this indeed is – the most fatal accident.

For what has a destiny
to touch depths,
who’d dare to object?
If not this, what else reason..
an existence.

Walking with you on a salt
with flame wounds in feet,
those that don’t heal,
yet cherished as scars
bestowed by love insane.

Making me wonder often in solitude,
What would one not give
to be in those moments…
to feel such ecstasy,
to earn such bewilderment.

Perhaps, it’s because I realized
the utopia yearned forever
was lightly imagined.
It had traces of you all over me,
each part had your fragrance.

And then my body will be frozen
down there in those moments.
With partially animated face,
leaving the sighs…
Forming bubbles
that elevate to reach surface,
gathering the light.
Leaving for some – a hope,
for some – flame’s fright.

Meadow in Ocean

Meadow in Ocean…

– Dedicated to those who’re lighted and those who’re waiting to be enlightened…

Title of the poem is a reference to the novel by Milan Kundera and well deserved film adaptation of the same name: “The Unbearable Lightness of Being“.

Image Credits (in order): rapgenius.com and npr.org


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