Inamorata… or not?

Response to the ghazal I did translation for: Kaifi Azmi‘s “Jhuki Jhuki si Nazar” (Eyes Gazed down are yearning or not?)

Hearing my name, thy heart melts, lips get warm or not?
Though silent, yet your mirror too reflects my gaze or not?

The day my eyes don’t come to admire your radiance,
reflection too reflects the disappointment or not??

Exchange of few words, carving glance, scarce moments.
An eon old continuity of allegiance, is felt or not?

You go-ahead, dismiss me countless times among known,
Yet in solitude, you too give up to my spell or not?

With even a hint, of mine disappearing from sight for long,
Your tongue gets frozen for all goodbyes or not??

At one end is world’s effulgence, at another the age old melancholy;
being disillusioned with me remains yet distinct to you or not?

Tantamount to such level, is passion for the union impossible,
geared up to be known forever by Poète maudit’s name or not?

World pronounces me dead, naive probe for a killer.
In heart of yours, heart beat of your killer, survive or not?

– Dedicated to the relentless lover (Meera/ Chandramukhi) and once impermeable beloved (Krishna/ Devdas).

Update: 11/30/2013

Ocean's Waiting

Ocean’s Waiting – Enable me to drink you all, Or sink me in to yourself! As there’s no other way!

A friend requested me on FB to update the post with original Urdu lyrics. (My confession: I ain’t good in Urdu)

Sheeshay mei terey chup basti meri nazar hai k naheen?
Awaaz par meri bheegtay lab-o-daman terey hai k naheen?

Paray jo na nigah chehray par kisi roz meri
hojaye zulf k andheray bhi khafa hai k naheen??

Chand lafzo ki guftugu, pal do pal ki mulaqaat
sadiyon ki marasim aur bebaaqi, hai ki naheen?

Tu kar laakh dushmani k daway mujh se sar-e-bazaar,
tanhai mei dil tera bhi, giriftaar qaid-e-pyaar hai k naheen?

Waqt-e-rukhsat lafz-e-alvida kehtay huay meri tarah,
labon pe tere bhi, hichkichat si hai k naheen?

Ik taraf hai zamanay bhar ki khushiya aur ghum sadiyon k,
per khafa mujh se rehna yun, terey liye juda hai k naheen?

Qadr ho pyaar ki kuch yeh, k jo gar na huway ek,
to hoojaye naam se ek dusre k ruswa, hai k naheen?

Zamana kahay maqtool, Bekhabr khoj te hain qaatil…
Terey dil mei gunjti, meri dharkano ki awaaz hai k naheen?

Tu kar beshak zamane se parda par tanhai mei to sach bata
Meri deewangi par tujhay naaz-o-aetbaar hai k naheen??
(Kept it out of the English translation to retain freshness…)

– Dedicated to Urdu aficionados, who don’t mind to read the text from a man unlearned. (I know I’m too weak in Urdu poetry. If something’s wrong here, please let me know.)

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