A Boy Toy!

Man in tuxedo...

Work of fiction – any resemblance to reality is non-intentional and purely coincidental.

Dear admirer,

You miss me like
a child misses a color marble,
like saint misses a rock,
or toddler misses a teddy bear…
and sleepy one misses a pillow…
Or a piece of glass
one would just embrace
when to portray the face.

A symbol out of fiction,
caressed to tell the tale,
used as a sponge to soak tears,
as a vomit bag to exhale,
as an artificial sweetener
to displace a bitter taste.
Just to shut it off later
in a corset for long haul.

You know me as an undead,
for best – an object,
for worst – an idol..
a fix or the drug..
to keep you in the game.
How may I express to you
that though you’re a color,
I ain’t that transparent.
Even “fake” is an understatement.

an embodiment of mirage.
Illusion it is,
having no real existence
beyond one’s belief.
Far from the definitions
of any validness…
And then when all’s said
and done..
you keep me close
like a mannequin.

I don’t know whether to continue,
to complain, or to refrain?
When everything matters,
how can anyone be an indifferent?
Don’t know either to think
of it as derogatory,
or to think of it as
a beloved’s grace.

Alas, no matter what,
I remain forever no more than
a boy toy!
And then I’m astounded,
looking at those
facing the shine,
who wish to be one…
competing for a place!

– Dedicated to the aficionados of illusion – the fans of fantasy and fiction, lovers of make-believe!


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