Nights of December

"December Shade" by Ali Sohani

December Shade

Freezing up the beats,
the stillness in motion.
Her smell, soft touch
purple discourse as much,
gravity that pulls me,
ground zero of infatuation.

My evenings hued amber, I remember.

Ignorant me, how to move on,
able to forgive,
but an unforgettable eon.
her gesture and grace,
her whims and plays…
subtle beauty, the charm,
aura in eyes, that haze.

Weaving dreams of her, I remember.

Place, time,
smile sublime,
uncomfortable distance,
desperation for closeness,
warm hearts,
those piercing sights.

Ice in the weather, I remember.

Chills in heart,
spikes in chest,
that fragile innocence,
our meeting in nest.
desires of mine,
emergence of wings…

When love acquires feather, I remember.

Holding your hands till morning,
those Nights of December, I remember.

– Dedicated to all the December lovers!

Previously posted on: My FB profile (a year ago, exactly)

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