Missed Moments…

Longing by Tara Turner

I wonder, how long this yearning would take to register on you…

By the moment soul poured
into true spirit of elegance…
Goddess had already lifted
her distinctive grace.
The dance of ecstasy – changed.

The moment deity realized
the presence of the inclination…
Wish had already been
considered strayed.
The desire of contender – changed.

The moment warmth came
to praise the ocean…
Ocean had already been
frozen for decades.
The consequence of love – changed.

The moment rain bestowed
her grace on the fields…
Plateau had already seen
the shift in radiance.
The effect of grant – changed.

The moment Sun emerged
to admire the flower…
Flower had already failed
the test of patience.
The object of muse – changed.

The moment audience arrived
to cherish the show…
Jester had already been
The reason of humor – changed.

The moment artist came to
face the critics…
Canvas with tears had already
dried on the way.
The essence of act – changed.

The moment one confessed
the sin to the friend…
Confidant had already departed
the stage.
Scenario of regret – changed.

The moment glow captivated
the glance of the beholder…
Star had already migrated
the place.
The destiny of reflection – changed.

The moment one deciphered
the sound of the instrument…
Beats had already become
The meaning of life – changed.

The moment flame noticed
the presence of the moth…
It had already been
too late.
The crux of distance – changed.

By the moment Beloved began
missing the intensity of the love…
It had already become
a nostalgic moment.
The subject of longing – changed.

– Dedicated to those who’re restless and those who’re too patient – the way time treats them both.
It’s not to deny that things do take time, but when they take too much of it, they often loose their essence.
One wonders, what need be an occurrence when it has lost its effect. Is it still love, if it has a dilemma of pace?

Image Credits: Longing by Tara Turner (fineartamerica.com)

15 thoughts on “Missed Moments…

  1. Ali I am speechless, once again. Each word , deep and powerful enough to leave marks on heart. Each sentence felt synchronized with my heart beats. So beautiful….LOVE it.

  2. deep my brother, very, very deep. but why should i expect other from you?! i hope you are well, and i am especially glad that you are writing and sharing, for we are not “fans” or “followers”, but we are family, family who read, ponder, turn it all over in our minds and hearts, and wait for another word. don’t ever leave us hanging. peace Ali, peace from me to you.

  3. First comes the praise which this piece so rightfully deserves. Beautiful. The words were well played and it got the point of the piece right across; each stanza in its own way but the same message nonetheless. True and powerful.
    Now the criticism (positive i hope!): I felt i was reading some para broken down to give it a shape of a poem. Which just didn’t feel right. At least to me. I was reading lines and the flowing rhythm i could not find. If you had written this as prose it would have been one hell of a piece with the right pace and fluency.
    But this is what I think. 🙂

    Well penned!

  4. “It’s not to deny that things do take time, but when they take too much of it, they often loose their essence.”
    So true. But that’s how it works. And what remains later are regrets maybe, or memories, or questions probably.

    ‘The moment artist came to
    face the critics…
    Canvas with tears had already
    dried on the way.
    The essence of act – changed.’
    Don’t you wish the artist never missed that moment in the first place? I do.

    Wonderful word stitchery, as always. Loved reading it.

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