A Leaf Tale


The Last Leaf…

Like an autumn’s last leaf
lingering on a soul-less tree
unable to hold its weight,
to fly with a gush of wind
with her face in tear,
she waits for her beloved…

It was a mistake of her,
done even by leaves before.
Falling in love with a wind,
that never had home of its own.
There’s no place, no destiny,
yet she awaits a future uncertain.

Far from the forest
in the realm of mountains,
sudden vortex affects the wind,
for change of direction to take place.
Like a storm it made a rush,
for someone counting the days.

Whispers the leaf back to tree
in ritual of parting good byes…
breaking vow of her silence finally.
Names the one she awaits for,
a destiny beyond the ties.
Overhearing the leaf, wind complies.

With a swift blow, leaf left its stage,
wind took her in arms like a falling page,
Abode of peace with little shade
where wind met its contender’s resting place.
Crowded, mingling in dust and shine
home of leaves that won the race.

Dancing with wind, leaf did sing a song,
“my moments with wind, has life full blown”.

– Dedicated to O. Henry‘s The Last Leaf; Hope, yearning and transcendence to a new life. Happy New Year to all!

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Image Credits: poisedforflight.wordpress.com


8 thoughts on “A Leaf Tale

  1. Seems like you wrote this in a distracted state of mind.. Though I like the first stanza and love the last four lines of the second stanza. But maybe, you should work on the last verse a bit. It doesn’t exactly go with the rest of the poem’s rhythm.

  2. nicely done my dear brother. using the leaf and wind as the metaphor of love and searching for love. again, a beautiful piece of work. i wish you peace and goodness in the coming year, and hope for a growing friendship. bob

  3. Haye it was magical. I wonder how did I miss it. Only you have the power to speak the language of leaves and wind and mountains and Love. This is lovely, as usual ! xx

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