The Poem

Flamenco Dancer

Flamenco Dancer

She was never stiff,
and was flowing like
a natural rhythm.
Quite like how rain
falls on a barren lands
after the decades
of temperance.

Or like a star twinkling
on a paper-thin sky
at cusp of midnight,
which won’t flatter
the onlooker, yet
would reveal enough
light to admire.

Well it worked for me,
and didn’t left in me
anything more
to desire from her.
Instead I was
so overwhelmed,
I was drinking
her in chunks.

I wish I could
write a response to her
something worthy,
something spectacular.
Something that would
leave an impression.

I’ve seen water leaving
an impression on the rock.
Wind painting masterpieces
on canvas of dust.
Mountains bedding oceans,
and Time destroying even most
permanent of the illusions.

Yet when it comes to her,
I’m like an ice
melting in a water.
A moon sketched on lake,
like a pearl having
an unknown origin,
untraceable destination.

It wasn’t too late,
I realized,
mere words in return
for the words that changed
something inside me,
won’t satisfy her.
She deserves more!
She deserves better!

Instead, She would like
to discover something
novel in me
when I return.
It wouldn’t be wrong
to say, I’d carry
a fragment
of her reflection.

– Dedicated to “The Poem” 😉

Immortal Poem by Cat Girl

Reflection is how a poem becomes immortal

Art Reference:
1. Painting: Flamenco Dance by Caroline Gold
2. Deviantart – Immortal Poem by Cat Girl

Image Credits: and

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