The Structure


So far we’ve come, that we’ve lost our way back…

Have you noticed how far we’ve come?
Have you observed the prize?

Do you look back on how we built
the walls that exist here?
We built them brick by brick,
so that cold doesn’t hit us.
But look at us now,
we have no idea of
warmth of the surrounding anymore.

Do you remember how we built
the roof on our head?
We built it one strand at a time
So that sun doesn’t overwhelm us.
Look at us now,
we don’t know
when night gets over.

Do you remember how we built
the chandelier of our place?
We built it layer by layer.
So that the light brightens our whole world.
Look at us,
we’re oblivious of gloom
inside now.

Do you remember how we built
the staircase that lead us here?
We built it step by step.
So that we can rise together.
Look at us now,
we don’t know from where
we started it all.

Do you recollect how we built
the house for us to live?
We built it one item at a time.
So that we’ve what we need to carry on.
Look at us now,
we carry no idea of
what’s living anymore.

Do you remember “the How”… ?
Do you recall “the Why”… ?

– Dedicated to those who advance, but forget their foundations. Those who swear by what’s current, yet forget that everything has to evolve further. And then they recall what they have gained and what they’ve lost thanks to pleasing the world.

Art Reference: Photograph detail from image in the forthcoming book Out My Window, by Gail Albert Halaban

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5 thoughts on “The Structure

  1. It’s been long since you wrote something of this sort. And I thank you for writing it. I think all of us need a reminder of the why and the how every now and then..

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