The Ignorant

Federico Fellini's Film "8 1/2"

Lost in himself and oblivious of world OR oblivious of self and lost in the world.

I don’t know what to write today…
So I’m telling you what I see.

I saw a child crying for her mother
in a market today…
Cries so intense that they’re still
ringing my ear drums like
long lasting church bells.
But mother was around not too far away.
Perhaps, toddler couldn’t recognize her
being among the crowd.
Perhaps, crowd was too overwhelming.

I don’t know what to write today…
Just noting down the events on face.

I saw a man laughing hysterically
like how clouds thunder during rain.
Echoes of his laugh were responded
with an equal enthusiasm by the walls
in surrounding.
While his friend standing beside
with just a hint of slowly melting
smile on his face. Quite like sun
peeking from a thick forest.
Perhaps, one shared a joke or an incident.
Perhaps, he was laughing on himself,
for some slip-up he made.

I don’t know what to write today…
Penning down what I observed.

I saw a middle-aged couple today,
working together to pack the bags
of their children, seeing them off for
the school van.
Quite like two swans swimming together
in a lake. In a perfect harmony for all acts.
While not sharing even a word of
language among each other.
Perhaps, they understand each other
too well, they can read what’s unsaid.
Perhaps, it’s a repetition of tasks,
the daily routine, that hasn’t left
anything for them to say.

I don’t know what to write today…
Just revealing what’s crossing the eyes.

I saw an old man from quite far away,
wearing clothes too similar to mine.
He was strolling in the park, like a
leaf separated from the tree.
I tried to chase him, but before I could
he disappeared into the heavy fog.
Perhaps, he was just roaming in the park,
contented of his life.
Perhaps, he was looking for someone
unwise, might be a younger self.

I don’t know what to write today…
Just writing down what I feel…

This weather is too a mystery in itself,
Just from a clean slate not a while ago,
brimming with vividness,  sound of birds
singing and dancing in radiance,
out of nowhere it has collapsed under
the smoke of burden and lost are all birds.
Being oblivious as usual of the ones
sensitive to it. But then it is, what it is,
at least with equal justice.
Whether we enjoy it or curse it.

I don’t know what to write today…
Now when I think of it, at this point.
I realize I didn’t know a thing…
Perhaps, that’s where all the fun started.
Perhaps, that’s how it all began.

– Dedicated to those who wander but aren’t lost and those who don’t wander an inch, yet are completely lost.

The Twilight Zone

A figure in a distance

Art Reference:
1. One of my favorite films – Federico Fellini’s “8 1/2” – 1963
2. Screen cap from “The Twilight Zone – Season 2” – 1960

Image Credits:

4 thoughts on “The Ignorant

  1. This is so beautiful … Like always you have left me speechless with your words you know that’s why I am your fan 😉 Love the way you have concluded wisest things out of everyday scenes we see…. and love your two point contradicted by ‘whether’ ……. Beautiful.

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