Le Chef d’oeuvre

Surrendering under the spell of starry night to the reign of the Sunshine.

Surrendering under the spell of starry night till submitting to the reign of the Sunshine.

Arcs of the cloudy weather,
curves of the beach,
textures of morning leaves.

A cocoon in veil,
aching to be,
a masterpiece.

Late midnight,
strokes of brush,
an empty canvas.

Intense artist,
responsive subject,
picture in making.

An unspoken bond,
a sheet untouched,
an artist intoxicated.

With each beat,
raining and composing,
mosaic on a desert wild.

A fume,
A whisper,
A stretch of voice.

Picking it lush green,
writing in rose crimson,
rendering a ‘Lily of Nile’.

Crescendo of rhythm,
nature in discourse,
harmony in signs.

Oscillation celestial,
Dance of perpetuals,
Heavenly chimes.

A last blow,
tour de force,
lending a life.

Patience of colors,
parting adolescence,
acquisition of shine.

A lovechild of craftsmen,
ready to see now,
a world sublime.

In perfect imperfection,
an audience bows,
the opus reigns.

– Dedicated to the lovers of art dancing under the starry night till the bask of the sunshine.

Art Reference: “Starry Night – a painting by the Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh. One of the most well known images in modern culture as well as being one of the most replicated and sought after prints.” – The masterpiece in eyes of both the general audience and the critics.

Image Credits: wikimedia.org

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