The Seeker

Lover on the quest.

Lover on the quest…

A beast craves rampant
amount of hunts to keep self
alive as a predator of tales…
Yet, one sight of prey unachievable,
and hunger meets the satiate.

An addict wishes unlimited
substance to keep self under
the spell for as long as it takes…
But only the right essence
keeps one under a constant influence.

Craftsman strives for enormous
retakes to grant piece
the masterpiece state…
But it’s one artist only
who gifts subject an inimitable face.

A wanderer visits never-ending
junctures in search of the one
that creates the rhythm in a flow…
Yet it’s only a reflection,
where restless meets the patience.

Life seeks reasons uncountable
to emerge even in places
as deserted as the planets…
But its proximity with right star,
makes the whole difference!

A lover desires unfathomable
opportunities to surrender in love,
in each passing moment…
But only beloved makes
one submit without the reluctance!

A moth lusts for thousands
of sources for the unbridled light
to navigate the place…
Yet it’s the light from one flame,
that makes it choose the eternal rest.

Perhaps, that’s how we too,
look for the places
to engage with love,
till we find a destination
where one submerges the self!

– Dedicated to the search of an “eternal love” and stages one passes through for it.

Image Credits: Nick Pedersen –

3 thoughts on “The Seeker

  1. This is the best thing I’ve read so far. Answered a lot of questions, changed billion of thoughts. I repeat find time and do write a book. I’ll be the one pre-ordering it.

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