A little bit more…

Stay in my eyes, like a dream never ending; for a little bit more....

Stay in my eyes, like a dream never ending; for a little bit more….

You are like this beautiful
on a branch
of an aged tree…

Who has just settled down
in front of me..
for a while, I guess..
to have a rest.

But rest doesn’t belong to you,
I see. Your’re restless.
Meant to own the sky…
this isn’t a stop for you.

But knowing that doesn’t stop me;
not for a second from admiring…

the unscathed beauty,
unbridled charm,
unwavering spirit…
and the melodious song.

That I being a selfish
brute I am,
just keep wishing to hear
some more…
yeah… a little bit more…

You’re like a smell of dry earth
before she gets wet…
before planet surrenders to cloud’s

Before rain purifies all souls
for the sins they’ve committed
and lead them to their salvation.

And here I infidel
wish to not hear
the sound of drops falling,
hitting, and rising to fall again
like my heart beats…

for few seasons more…
a little bit more…

You’re like a bottle of wine
made from dew drops
mixed in a color
of fruits tempting to soul…

A texture of fine silk,
mixed with
the juicy falls.

With each sip
that one takes of yours,
you age a year more…

And soon I know
you’ll become
world renown.

And here, I an addict,
want to savor you alone,
for few years more…
a little bit more…

You’re like a night’s fragrance,
that blooms out of the
shy of the star
that rules in the day….

Fumes that I know for sure
isn’t gonna be here in the

Yet all I seem to wish,
is to keep my eyes open
for long…
a little bit more…

You are like a dream
of the early morning…
that one has somewhere
right before one’s about to

Dream that I know for sure is
about to be interrupted…

Of which I know
hardly anything is real,
it’s mere my fantasy,
my illusion…

But look at me,
a dreamer I am,
I believe,
it has still reality of its own…

And I just desire for it to last
some infinities more…
and a little bit more…

A dream wished, to last some more... a little bit more....

Dream I wish stretches itself  to some infinities more… and a little bit more.

– Dedicated to the life and serendipity that it rewards you with – one that leaves your all senses overwhelmed and yet you want some more – a little bit more…

Image/ Art work credits:
1.  “Der Wanderer und der Nebel” by David Schermann (DeviantArt)
2. “Early Morning Painting” by Gilad Benari (DeviantArt)

4 thoughts on “A little bit more…

  1. hey my brother, i’ve kind of been away from the blog scene for awhile, but what a fantastic gift to come back and read something as masterfully beautiful as this. you imagination and power of description are out-of-this-world. thank you for such a poem as this.

    • Thank you Bob. You always come up with something that brings me out of my shell… I guess that’s what friends do… and that’s what brothers are for… Thank you for always hanging out man. And yeah, come back with a bang. 🙂 Stay blessed!

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