You gather no belief of my intensity (Mere Shauq Da Nai Aitbar Tenu)


You seem to gather no belief of my intensity,
why not come see me burning, come already!
Don’t prolong distaste making excuses mundane.
Such scrutiny? Oh oppressor, come already!

Whether in the distance or the proximity,
ecstasy I sample in both individually.
My love, go for thousand times if you must
but for million times beloved, come already!

It is in the custom of mosques and temples,
to love thyself, but to chant divine entity.
In abode of wine, only trance has a presence,
be sensible – like a somber one, come already!

You’re pure, so is pure the heart of yours,
totally uncalled for is your earned enmity.
Now that you didn’t make it to my funeral,
path of my shrine seeks you, come already!

Should you desire to be blessed as well,
march into a world of vanquishing (Ghalib).
Come and join the ones intoxicated,
let’s sit along, Oh grounded one, come already!

– Dedicated to the lovers who believe not in the intensity of love by their beloved.

mere shauq da nahi aitbaar tainu
aaja vekh mera intezaar a ja
avein laran bahanane labhna en
ki tu sochna en sitamgaar a ja

bhavein hizar te bhavein visaal hove
wakho wakh dohan diyan lazztan ne
mere sohnia ja hazaar wari
aaja pyaria te lakh waar a ja…

eh rivaaz e masjidan mandiran da
uthe hastiyan te khud-parastiyan ne
mai-khaane wich mastiyan hi mastiyan ne
hosh kar banke hoshiyaar a ja…

tu sada te tera dil sada
tainu avein raqeeb qurah paya
je tu mere janaaze te nahi aya
raah takdae teri mazaar a ja…

sukhi wasna je tu chauna e
mere ‘Ghaliba’ es jahaan andar
aaja rindan di bazm wich a beh ja
ethe baithde ne khaaksaar a ja…

– Punjabi lyrics translated by Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum. Original lyrics were penned by Mirza Ghalib in Persian. The rendition above is beautifully done by Ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali.

Disclaimer: Punjabi is neither my first nor my second language. I have taken too many liberal routes with translation. If there’s any problem with the interpretation altogether, I would be more than happy to know and correct my negligence.

18 thoughts on “You gather no belief of my intensity (Mere Shauq Da Nai Aitbar Tenu)

  1. Congratulations! Not only you have made great efforts in understanding Punjabi but more than that you have beautifully expressed it in English. I am sorry I cannot find the words appropriate to appreciate it. However, there is just something which I do not understand, or maybe I am unaware of. It is the expression “come already”, Would you kindly explain what is it grammatically and what exactly it means, as I already said I am unaware of such an expression in English language.

    PS: Punjabi is my first language, and I must say that you have understood most of it correctly, but that is not what I want to go into at this time, if you are kind enough to answer to my query then I may explain some finer points of Punjabi to you later on.

    • Thank you Mr. Zahid, for your visit and your appreciation. “Come already” or its variant like “Oh, come on already! Be here.” of what I gather is usually used in a casual language to express the desperation of someone or something that’s coming your way in its own pace, yet you want it to hurry, as much as that you want it to be here now, the very moment. Apt example here would be my wait for someone to actually see through this very translation and point out the errors to me, I did say… “I’m sure someone’s out there to point me what I missed, just come already!” and here you’re. 🙂
      Would love to know and learn what I missed in interpretation of Punjabi.

      • Thank you that is something I did not know, and that would be the best translation for “Aa Jaa”. As regards the interpretation I would make it simple, I would just translate the Punjabi into Urdu, and then you can find out yourself, where you might have misunderstood it, as a treat I will write it in urdu script, so it will be also easier to understand for people like me who are not well versed with roman urdu.

    • Thank you to you too Discover Vibe Team for liking my work. Hope you gonna enjoy the pieces on the site similarly. As far as Hindi translation is concerned I cannot promise about that since Hindi is neither my first language nor I consider myself very proficient in it. But should I attempt I will definitely post it.

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  3. Quite recently I got to know this was my fathers favorite ghazal. His friend told me that few days after my Baba’s funeral.
    And every time I listen to it (and after reading your translation) the heart feels very heavy. Although I am Punjabi but don’t speak much of it, so your translation really helped me build that connection.
    Allah bless you for your efforts.

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