The Influence

Today you're the poison, and I am the submissive. Watching you lacerate me and heal me bit by bit.

Today you’re a poison, and I am the one submissive.
Watching you lacerate me and yet heal me bit by bit.

So today, you’re a gold fish, and I’m a baboon.
Watching you play and forgetting the ends of the pool.

Today you’re a high horse, and I’m a path unvisited.
Watching you sprint, and then cover all miles…

Today you’re a stone and I’m your wishing well…
Watching you sink in me and change star lines.

Today you’re a lost wanderer and I’m your forest,
Watching you play inside and looking for the nest.

Today you’re the word and I am the backing silence…
Watching you spread in air, and ceasing the effulgence.

Today you’re the rose and I am a forgetful gardener.
Watching you from afar and seeing you reign.

Today you’re the tacit spoiler and I’m too maligned.
Watching you intoxicate me and blaming the wine.

Today you’re the preacher and I’m a lost scripture.
Watching you consume me and repivot an entire life.

Today you’re the restless spirit and I am a fitting body.
Watching you slip in and beg to be forever confined.

Today you’re the Oracle and I’m an outcome outlined.
Watching you dismantle me and label it “destined”.

Today you’re the cold fire and I am a burning ash.
Watching you acquire and leaving me possessed.

Today you’re the symphony, and I’m a dancer wild.
Watching you orchestrate, and steer me like a kite.

Today you are the pearl, and I’m a relentless seeker.
Watching you forget the shell and dazzling the sea.

Today you’re intense traveler and I’m an ancient map.
Watching you trace every inch and walking all space.

Today you’re the dragon and I’m the fire you breath.
Watching you burn yourself and save everything.

Today you’re my pulse, and I’m your heart beat.
Watching you chase me, and taking the lead.

Today you’re the tear duct and I’m the salt lake.
Watching you rain off me and vanishing all ache.

“Today you’re my everything, and I’m your all”.
Watching you write and inscribe it on my soul.

Today you're the light and I'm a dwindling silhouette. Watching you sustain me and not letting me vanish.

Today you’re the light and I’m a dwindling silhouette.
Watching you sustain and not allowing me to vanish.

– Dedicated to the influence beloved has on the lover free yet confined.

Art/ Image credits:
1. ‘Under The Greenwood Tree’ by Areesha Khuwaja (Original: Minhaj Swati)
2. Absinthe Drinker (Green Fairy) by Viktor Oliva

Update (2014-04-09):
Miss Hira Jamil wrote a more than wonderful response to this poem
on her blog: Unheard Soto Voice, the poem is titled: “The Influence“.

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