The Stargazer

Stargazer - Kelly Borsheim

Star is the one that lends a life to a gazer stone heart.

How can star
be ever invisible
to a gazer
that she herself found.
One that she herself
for identification
of the colors,
like a mirror.

How can there
be any shadow
in between
when star’s the light,
gazer is the one
facing her.

Each night
star would bestow
gazer a life,
to thrive.
And unaware
of everything,
gazer would keep self
and be mesmerized.

How could star be affected
by what gazer thinks of it?
It’s the star,
its her duty to shine,
to sparkle,
to kill, revive with
a blink of an eye.

Star gazer
would just stare
how star would make
the planets,
whirl around…
How yet
no one would notice
the values profound.

How light would
overwhelm them
and with
few glances
leave them blind.
They’ll perhaps never
be able to see her again.

Except the Gazer,
who was blind,
right before
she made an appearance.

The Stargazer

No more blind, after gazing the star…


– Dedicated to “The Star” and a gazer, who earns the epiphany and becomes blessed. Ironically often the sight that would make someone blind, would also gift someone a sight.

Art References:
1. Stargazer Sculputure by Kelly Borsheim
2. The Stargazer – Statuette – about 3000 BC, probably from Western Anatolia, Early Bronze Age. Placed in Cleveland Museum of Art.

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