The Rare

How could rare be compared with anything except itself? Consider this a mirror to your rarity and find yourself.

How could rare be compared with anything except itself?
Consider this as a mirror to your rarity and find yourself.

In the glimmering presence of the beloved,
I often thought of asking…
“Why you had to be so rare?”

Then I thought, why not?

When did moon ever had a competition?
when did Sun ever had an equivalent?

when did river flow up side the mountains?
when did rain perch from the earth to the heavens?

since when did the rainbow had scarcity of colors?
since when did time start to flow backwards?

Did butterfly ever turn into a moth again?
Did pearl ever came into being out of the shell?

Wasn’t it too obvious that everything rare
had its place…? it was meant to be there,
so that the seeker can find it.

Because seeker won’t settle for anything less…
would do whatever one can, to earn the rest.

That mirror like reflection that would
hide the flaws, but exaggerate the beauty and talent.
The constant radiance, that would send the warmth,
no matter the distance.

Flow of happiness,
and ecstasy sending chills down the spine.
Colors of veil that one submerges in,
wishing to never be unwind.
The moments that give high.

Those chambers of heart unfathomable,
of whom one wants to touch the corners,
by diving in.
and that mind with lucid imagination
that weaves the places rather than palaces,
with unforgettable fragrance.

– Dedicate to the peerless and incomparable experience.

Update: 4/16/2014 – Artwork done by wonderfully subtle Areesha Khuwaja.

The Rare - Areesha Khuwaja

The rarity of love rests not in appearance, but in the soul captivated in a body.

Image Credits/ Art Reference:
1. Robert Rauschenberg’s White Paintings – (
2. The Rare – By Areesha Khuwaja


9 thoughts on “The Rare

  1. This is truly beautiful. You have given a whole new concept of rarity. This poem unfolded an entire world of rarity in front of me. I will think more about it. The unforgettable fragrance. ❤ and the way you have used sun, pearl, rainbow and other objects is just beautiful. Its literary but you have written it in a way that makes it easy for the the normal people to understand like the people who don't have a literature background or are not into poetry. Keep writing. You better start sending in your poems and start getting published. Have you ever thought of it? 🙂

    • Thank you Rida. For your appreciation and kind comments, like always. 🙂
      I hope poem serves its purpose. As of publishing, no body asked me, and I have yet asked no one…
      Though I strongly believe if something’s good and rare, while out there to be found, some seeker determined would find it eventually… But from the exposure I have, I don’t think, I am either good or rare… still a work in progress. 🙂

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