Let her freeze my heart for the moment, since, she’s my snowflake.

Literally dropping down from the sky…
Like a star, she kisses my lips,
I catch her cold, she’s crystal clean,
I wanna touch her more,
but I don’t wanna see her melt…

Since, she’s a snowflake…

Gliding from the canvas in charm,
Like a butterfly, she perches on my head,
I catch her spirit, she’s the rarest,
I wanna see her float,
but I don’t wanna see her blend…

Since, she’s the snowflake…

Hailing from the heavens with allure,
Like a breeze, she whispers in my ear,
I catch her whims, she possesses the spell,
I wanna kiss her long,
but I don’t wanna see her fade…

Since, she’s my snowflake…

Magical, spellbinding, heavenly, captivating... My snowflake.

Like a snowflake she’s, both heavenly and captivating.

– Dedicated to well, the snowflake of course…


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