Oh My Beloved!

I seek you my beloved, wherever I look. Come to me as "You", and not just as an illusion.

I seek you my beloved, wherever I look. Come to me as “You”, and not just as an illusion.

Don’t come to see me Oh beloved.
In days of the scorching heat.
Your veil betrays you and
invites the lover to find
refuge under your tresses.

I may desire them to be my shade permanent.

Don’t come to meet me Oh beloved.
In trance of the moonlit night.
Sparkles in your eyes giveaway
flames beneath your armor,
tempting me like a moth.

I may desire diving into ocean of fire and elixir.

Don’t come to call me Oh beloved.
In hours of contemplation & solace.
Chants of spell lure me to the
source, I crave writing a very
different poetry.

I may desire writing symphony for melting lips.

Don’t come near me Oh beloved.
In depths of the darkness.
Like an oyster, you heal me
in sheets, I wish to emerge
as the matchless glisten.

I may desire submitting myself in your service.

Don’t come to seek me Oh beloved.
In whirlpool of the wanderlust.
Your presence overpowers your
dreams, and I begin to seek a
stronger intoxication.

I may desire you to be a last wine in my chalice.

Still should you decide to come…
then come with all your might,
breaking all the rules,
forsaking all illusions…
perishing all sentries,
destroying all boundaries…
to stay forever in my embrace
forever in my sight.

To become my abode,
like my heart is thine,
so that you and I remain
no different,
like the colors that mix in
to create the light.


Don’t come, oh beloved, as I know not what I would do to make you stay.

– Dedicated to the beloved.

Image/ Art Credits:

1. Turkish Sufi Dance – Facebook Cover.
2. Mysticism Blake Reunion (mysticisma.com).

11 thoughts on “Oh My Beloved!

  1. First things first – I have always loved “raqs e darwaish” hence i am in love with the primary image! 🙂

    As for your words, its needless to say they reek of wistfulness for their beloved!

    I this one too, the vividness of the lover’s want for their beloved that you have portrayed is nearing perfection.

    But my personal favorite is the second part. Requesting your beloved to seek you with complete submission; where there is no lover or beloved, just love. A blend of two bodies and hearts into one.

    • Yes, Huda. Any sort of love, where there’s no complete submission, it’s not love at all. The call to the beloved here is on the very same level, that don’t come close, because every time there’s a hint of closeness the lover desires more, and more… and it’s a vicious circle. Often he tries to wish more than beloved is giving or unveiling of self. Yet, for the sake of true love, he keeps wishing that should you come… come to me completely. And then be my abode. I would not live anywhere else, and beloved indeed be the only permanent place.
      Sufis/ Dervishes have their whole life tried to explain this concept that crux of true love is about freedom and independence that comes post submission, not before that. Once you submit and give in, leaving the thought of conquering, you mix in with the true color,, and once the original source of all colors, casts its color on you… there’s no dye ever that can compete it. You indeed become a color, hence a master yourself. Now you have all the freedom in the world to love the way you want. 🙂

      • Oh so true…

        The darwaish were known for their unbridled love bordering on what people now call insanity. But that is what depth of love is all about. “Ishq” is what it is called. Complete and utter submission is the real art of love.

  2. I love the first picture. It reminds me of a lot of things. About the post, its just lovely. I never wanted it to end because it is just so beautiful and smooth. I can’t decide which one is my favorite part. Every word and every line is so perfectly written, with carefully selected words and a certain intensity that is consistent throughout the post. How do you write so well? I can write long posts and stuff but I can never write poems. Its a work of of pure art. Keep producing fine pieces like that. 🙂

    • Thank you Rida. Your detailed comments always let me know how did it go. For writing what captivated me was a single thought how worldly love can become as pure as the divinely love – the mystical one. If one has to give up the desires and dreaming, then perhaps wish should be “stay far Oh beloved”. If one has to give into the desire and temptation, then it would be “come close Oh beloved”. But both has an element of desire… So here one who’s wishing is struggling with that. He’s saying that it’s impossible to be with beloved and not fall in love… whenever beloved come desires of lover just get enticed. So should beloved decide to come now, better come with full arsenal – no illusions, no hints, no hide and seek, no teasing – breaking every wall to completely own the lover. Since anything less is again undesirable, because not pure. 🙂

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