Slowly Slowly (Aahista Aahista)



On Shrine of Qais when Layla’s spirit came to pay a visit,
She came to place, the flowers of desires unrequited.
From the very grave came a voice, as soon as she began
“Oh Beloved, grace me all you wish, but slowly – slowly.”
(Not a part of original ghazal, but singing rendition.)

The veil is just slipping from the face, slowly slowly,
The Moon is coming out of its phase, slowly slowly.

Since bloom traced her steps, she observed the privacy,
Shyness came at once to her, but charm did slowly slowly.

All-nighter of separation I’m, allow sleep now, Oh Angels…
condemn me later some day for my deeds slowly slowly.

On a question of union, she gets engulfed by a fear of society,
Indulges to respond in a tone of sweet whisper, slowly slowly.

Differs the love of yours from mine in nothing but an intensity.
Desire here to dive quickly, intent there to fall slowly slowly.

I keep urging, while head gets parted from body brutally.
Oh Beloved, slowly slowly…  Oh Master! slowly slowly…

– Dedicated to the love that happens slowly slowly.

Mazaar e Qais Par Jab Rooh-E-Layla Aik Din Aayi
To Armano’n Ke Murjhaye Kuch Phool Bhi Layi
Lagi Jab Phool Woh Rakhne To Qab’r Se Aik Aawaz Aayi
Charhana Phool Jaan-E-Man Magar Aahista Aahista
(Not a part of original ghazal, but singing rendition.)

Sarakti Jaye Hy Rukh Se Naqaab Aahista Aahista
Nikalta Aa Raha Hy Aaftab Aahista Aahista

Jawaa’n Hone Lage Jab Woh To Hum Se Kar Liya Parda
Haya Yak Lakht Aayi Aur Shabab Aahista Aahista

Shab-E-Furqat Ka Jaaga Huun Farishto’n Ab To Sone Do
Kabhi Fursat Me Kar Lena Hisaab Aahista Aahista

Sawaal e Wasll Par Un Ko Udu Ka Khauf Hy Itna
Dabe Honton Se Dete Hyn Jawaab Aahista Aahista

Hamare Aur Tumhare Pyar Me Bass Farq Hy Itna
Idhar To Jaldi Jaldi Hy Udhar Aahista Aahista

Woh Be’Dardi Se Sar Kaate Ameer Aur Main Kahuun Un Se
Hazoor Aahista Aahista Janab Aahista Aahista

– Original lyrics of Ghazal are attributed to 18th century Urdu poet Ameer Minai.

– Live rendition by Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh at peak of his mastery in Ghazal Singing, to many this is indeed his best performance.

Note: The rendition above one of my favorite ghazals by maestro Jagjit Singh. It’s usually apparent to anyone that listens it even for the first time. The intentional stops, control of rhythm, and stretches that he does in his performance, to emphasize on proper phrases of the couplets, is nothing short of a miracle. Pay special attention to the words that are highlighted in bold in original lyrics, he performs them with the playful voice and gives audience a picture of what’s actually happening. Here he indeed establishes this for a fact that he too like Maestro Ghulam Ali, can make people enjoy the renditions not just for the singing, but also the intentional playful gimmicks in it… Undoubtedly, as much as a master singer enjoys the singing, so does enjoys the audience opportunity of listening.

Art/ Image Credits:
1. “Veiled Vestal Virgin” Marble Sculpture; 1846 – 1847 by Raffaelle Monti (1818 – 1881), placed in Chatsworth House.


3 thoughts on “Slowly Slowly (Aahista Aahista)

    • I knew you’d love the special treatment of couplets by him… One can only imagine the spell he kept live audience in by the way they applause after each colorful rendition of words… amplifying the feel and aura by ten folds. I can’t help but laugh and smile at his theatrical nuances whenever I hear it. 🙂

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