Since I saw you (Tum ko dekha to)

– Another one of my favorite ghazals by Maestro Jagjit Singh, from Indian film Saath Saath (1982).
The simplicity of verses, the music, background singing, the actors and characters, the time and the place… everything is in harmony.


Since I saw you,
my attention came to it.
Life is a sun sweltering,
you’re a shade in it.

Today again, heart of mine
desired something…
Yet again today, I had
to placate it.

When you’ll leave
I will be pondering over it.
What have I lost,
what still remains of it.

The song that I cannot
hum possibly ever,
Why did fate even
made me listen to it?

– Dedicated to the patience one finds in a company of the beloved.

Tumko dekhaa to ye khayaal aayaa
zindagii dhuup tum ghanaa saayaa

aaj phir dil ne ek tamannaa kii
aaj phir dil ko hamane samajhaayaa

tum chale jaaoge to sochenge
hamane kyaa khoyaa- hamane kyaa paayaa

ham jise gunagunaa nahiin sakate
vaqt ne aisaa geet kyuun gaayaa

– Original lyrics of the ghazal penned by famous lyricist Javed Akhtar.

Live Rendition by Jagjit Singh:

4 thoughts on “Since I saw you (Tum ko dekha to)

    • It’s so simple and accessible already by Javed Akhtar lyrics, then being performed by Jagjit Singh with equal simplicity, just makes it worth of every bit of praise. 🙂

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