Suppose (Farz karo) – Ibn-e-Insha


Suppose one’s a lover in chaste;
Suppose one’s crazy as well.
Suppose these both are plain lies,
Suppose there’s fiction in place.

Suppose this lament of heart is
narrated with a possessive heart.
Suppose there’s more to it than
revealed – in concealed parts.

Suppose if to entertain you, one
searches for various excuses.
Suppose if pair of your eyes too
are for real the potion chalices.

Suppose, if this affliction is a lie,
and lie is the one’s love for you.
Suppose under such influence at times,
one’s breathing remains due.

Suppose, if this union-separation
is all a drama well orchestrated.
Suppose this is the truth only,
what remains is all just pretended.

– Dedicated to interplay of fantasy and reality – imagination, that in spite of being unreal is very real, and reality that in spite of being actual is quite perceptive, and a derivative of our imagination.

farz karo ham ahl-e-wafaa hoN, farz karo diivaane hoN
farz karo ye donoN baateN jhuuTii hoN afsaane hoN

farz karo ye jii kii biptaa jii se jod sunaayii ho
farz karo abhii aur ho itnii aadhi ham ne chhupaayii ho

farz karo tumheN Khush karne ke dhuuNde ham ne bahaane hoN
farz karo ye nain tumhaare sach-much ke maiKhaane hoN

farz karo ye rog ho jhuuTaa jhuuTii peet hamaarii ho
farz karo is peet ke rog meN saaNs bhi ham pe bhaari ho

farz karo ye jog-bijog kaa hamne Dhong rachaayaa ho
farz karo bas yahii haqiiqat baaqii sab kuch maayaa ho

– Original poetry by an influential Urdu poet and humorist Ibn-e-Insha. This poem is famous for leaving the reader in perplexion, making them assume two extremely opposite states of perception.

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