In such a way my life is bonded with you (Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Main Shamil Hai)

From Hindi film: Aap To Aise Na Thay (You weren’t like this…) Year: 1980

– Wonderfully sung by miraculously gifted Mohammad Rafi.


In such a way my life is bonded with you.
Wherever I go, it seems it’s towards you.

Without you my world was missing something,
Wandered my youth, in the depths of wilderness.
Acquired my heart the warmth in your embrace.
I am a lost tide, but my shore is in you.

From light of yours radiated is my universe.
My search, your charm may it be never-ending,
May madness of mine remain too ever lasting.
Outcome of my happiness is essence in you.

This sky, the clouds, these roads and the air,
Everything is doing well at its own place.
From days a many, no complain at world’s pace.
This life is a journey, destination is you.

Each flower spreads its fragrance in memory.
It’s from your thought that breeze is teasing.
Are these the trees or love’s desire blooming?
Along you’re or not yet I can feel you.

Each object is sparkling from light of love.
Should this light be not, life is incomplete
journey of love needs mate syncing the beats.
Path’s such, alone it can’t be through.

– Dedicated to a guide and a partner that’s the beloved.

Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Main Shamil Hai
Jahan Bhi Jaun Yeh Lagta Hai Teri Mehfil Hai

Tere Vager Jahan Mein Koi Kami Si Thee
Batak Rahi Thee Jawani Andheri Rahon Mein
Sukhoon Dil Ko Mila Aahke Teri Bahon Mein
Main Ek Khoyi Hui Mauj Hoon Tu Saahil Hai

Terey Jamal se roshan hai kainaat meri
Meri Talash teri dikhashi rahay baaqi
Khuda karay k yeh deewangi rahay baaqi
Teri wafa hi meri har khushi ka hasil hai

Yeh Aasman Yeh Badal Ye Raastey Ye Hava
Har Ek Cheez Hai Apni Jagah Thikane Se
Kahin Dino Se Shikayat Nahin Zamane Se
Yeh Zindagi Hai Safar Tu Safar Ki Manzil Hai

Har Ek Phul Kisi Yaad Se Mehakta Hai
Tere Khayal Se Jagi Huyi Fizaye Hain
Yeh Sabz Ped Hain, Ye Pyar Ki Duwaye Hain
Tu Pas Ho Ke Nahi Phir Bhi Tu Mukabil Hai

Har Ek Shay Hai Mohabbat Ke Nur Se Roshan
Ye Roshni Jo na Ho, Zindagi Adhuri Hai
Raah-e-Wafa Mein, Koyi Hamasafar Zaruri Hai
Yeh Rasta Kahi Tanaha Kate Toh Mushkil Hai

– Original lyrics by from famous Indian films lyrcist Anand Bakshi.

Other Rendition (Full song):


2 thoughts on “In such a way my life is bonded with you (Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Main Shamil Hai)

  1. Ali Sohani ji,

    Never a translation brings forth the fervour and fragrance of the original. This song has mesmerised me since my first year at JNU, 4 decades back . Then my God intoxicated heart found this song a reverberating echo of my own Love for The Lord. Now after years i just chanced into THIS MOST BEAUTIFUL TRANSLATION . You have succeeded the impossible . The translation is simply amazing, breathtaking , is piercing my soul . With all deference to Anand Bakshi saab , i most humbly state , you have rendered through these words (translation???) an ETERNAL LOVE SONG of your own ! i THANK YOU from the depths of my heart which is in LOVE WITH THE LORD .
    Father John 8178892150. NEW DELHI


    • Dear Father John.
      More than happy to serve. Can never come close to Anand Bakshi sb, but a feeble yet an honest attempt it is… And it would be an utter dishonesty if I don’t reveal this that I feel immensely happy when I come to know that my attempt touched someone as deeply as it did me.
      Thank you for being here.

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