Jealousy or Love?

This poem is a response to Miss Sidra Kamals intense and picturesque piece…  “Jealousy in Love

I find myself craving for you like a tree aching towards dawn's direction...

I find myself craving her like a tree aching for sun, in dawn’s direction…

I am jealous of the ocean that treats her like sun,
sinks her within like a dazzle beyond refraction.

I am jealous of the moon that keeps her in sight,
and stars that follow her in her dreams all night…

I am jealous of the clouds that hover on her head,
as they become a drizzle to kiss her forehead…

I am jealous of the drizzle that she soaks herself in,
and those droplets that later glide on her skin…

I am jealous of wet air that touches her hair, and
of those lights that make her eyes go twinkling.

I am jealous of those wet roads that she walks on,
and everything that feels her and stands gasping.

I am jealous of those places that have her embodied,
and those moments that carry her as charm unique.

I am jealous of sound of wind blowing, drops falling
they whisper love in her ear to send her dreaming.

I am jealous of all those words that fall from her lips,
as I’m not there to catch them before they leave sigh..

I am jealous of all those songs that set her on fire,
and all those little secrets that turns her fragile.

I am jealous of those blank sheets that she writes on,
opening up like a bottle, pouring herself like wine…

I am jealous of all the metaphors that she likes,
since they make their way so easily into her lines…

I am jealous of mirrors that tend to see her often,
wearing that smile, grace, charm and aura divine…

I am jealous of that mascara spread on her eyes,
that knows before me what her silence confines…

Yes, I am jealous…

I am jealous of even the future imagining myself in it,
that it loves her more intensely than I in a present time.

But Perhaps…

I am not actually jealous of anything that is in contact with her,
But resentful of self that I can’t express my gravity of love to her.


I have a jealousy with such strange jealousy in love,
like a tree it grows yet deepens in roots my love for her.

My love is jealous of every loving gesture of her life that she can't make me a part of.

My love is jealous of every loving gesture of her life that she can’t make me a part of.

– Dedicated to a beloved by a self-proclaimed jealous lover.

Art Reference:
1. African Big Tree at Dawn wall art –
2. Love Tree at Twilight wall art –

5 thoughts on “Jealousy or Love?

    • Thank you Sidra… 🙂 Original is original still. Your poem had a captivating pattern, one couldn’t help but sink in it. More than a jealousy your poem showcased the love and in subtle way how the lover sometimes finds the art of love so incomparable to the greater things that indulge the beloved. Yet lover wishes to love the beloved equally and more… Your poem had an undercurrent in it. That I expressed and unveiled openly in a response. I would still pick the original piece for its integrity any day. 🙂

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