Once, I recall, an eve was strange (Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi)

– Performed mesmerizingly by Kishore Kumar, the music is given by Hemant Kumar.


Once, I recall, an eve was strange,
Eve today too is quite different.
Once, I recall, she was here,
today too it feels, she isn’t distant…

In those eyes shying away,
perhaps my image was lingering.
In those lips giving away,
certain beauty was in blooming.
Way I gathered it,
she was humming my name along.
Once it felt to me like,
she’s smiling all along…

My shadow is breathing still,
in those eyes down gazed.
Blooming are her lips too,
hinting of a passion suppressed.
I know for sure now,
my name is being hummed along.
The thought persists now,
she is sure coming along…

– Dedicated to strange eves, where distance is not a distance any more.

Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi,
yeh shaam bhi ajeeb hai,
Woh kal bhi paas paas thi,
woh aaj bhi kareeb hai…

Jhuki hui nigaahon mein,
kahin mera khayaal tha,
Dabi dabi hansi mein ek,
haseen saa gulaal tha,
Main sochta tha,
mera naam gunguna rahi hai woh,
Na jaane kyon laga, mujhe,
ke muskura rahi hai woh…

Mera khayaal hai abhi,
jhuki hui nigaah mein,
Khuli hui hansi bhi hai,
dabi hui si chaah mein,
Main janta hoon, mera naam,
gunguna rahi hai woh,
Yahi khayaal hai, mujhe,
ke saath aa rahi hai woh…

– Original lyrics penned by non other than famous Indian poet and lyricist Gulzar saheb. Song belongs to classic Hindi film: Khamoshi – 1969.


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