Student artist, Joanna Bassi on her current show, 'Hallowed Degeneration'

Pages are used to wrap the loaf..
Loaf is used to attract the votes.
Paper is used to exhibit a worth.
Worth is used to mark the culprits.

Innocence is used to make a trade.
Men are used to sharp the blade.
Flowers are used to honor the dead.
Dead are used to cover mistakes.

Water is used to leave a color.
Air is used to choke the inhaler.
Heart is used in exchange for a life.
Life is used to buy meal for a time.

Music is used to sedate the brains.
Opinions are used to kill the taste.
Words are used in eulogy of departed.
Silence is used to push injured to death.

Walls are used to reflect echoes of praise.
Praise is used to accumulate more praise.
Images are used to kill the imagination.
History is used as art of social dictation.

Years are used to count the survival.
Minutes are used to buy the patience.
Friends are used to climb the steps.
Steps are used to suppress the brilliance.

Systems are used to keep the inheritance.
Inheritance is used to bury the competence.
Routine is used to declare the efficiency.
Efficiency is used to step-over effectiveness.

Sentiments are used to create a trust.
Trust is used to negotiate an advantage.
Art is used to garner the popularity.
Popularity is used to settle the facts.

Distant planets are used to wish for a home.
Earth is used as picnic and vacation place.
Labels are used to veil the substance.
Substances are used to reach the mystics.

Resources are used to please the divinity.
Religion is used to avoid all scrutiny.
Science is used to measure the emotions.
Emotions are used to skip all objectivity.

Flowers are judged by intensity of colors.
Gardens are used to decorate the palaces.
Height is used to measure the greatness.
“How it happens” is used to skip the logic.

Measures are used as goals and targets.
Targets are used for an excuse of a process.
Dreams are used to avoid the reality.
Reality is used to discard the marvels.

Ears are used to savor the “Yes”.
Eyes are used to judge the beauty.
Tongue is used to taste a toxic.
Skin is used to create a dress.

Oceans are used to test the menace.
Skies are used for birds of vengeance.
Education is used to increase the distance.
Stars are used to blame perils of existence.

Rules are used to judge the artistry.
Standards are used to pass conformity.
Familiarity is used to asses creativity.
Weapons are used to suppress hostility.

Fireworks are used to hide the decay.
Fear is used to keep up the display.
Pictures are used to skip the word,
Words are given to skip the day.

Student artist, Joanna Bassi on her current show, 'Hallowed Degeneration'

– Dedicated to the societies and civilizations of name.

Art/ Image Reference: Artist, Joanna Bassi from her show, ‘Hallowed Degeneration


Nobody leashed their eyes restless to me (Kisi Ne Bhi To Na Dekha)

– Rendered by a popular ghazal singer Pankaj Udhaas saheb.


Someone would greet with a smile, that’s a desire.
Somewhere beats would be aligned, that’s a desire.
(Not a part of original ghazal, but a singing rendition.)

Of all resting, nobody leashed their eyes restless to me.
Today too a day passed leaving a shade of sadness to me.

Not even a wind sang me the news of the close ones.
Hummed it only the humid tales of coldness to me.

Forgive me for being a stranger to the gathering.
New are locales and paths of non-wilderness to me.

So deep an anguish, neither can I sink, nor emerge out.
Evaporating of a flow might earn now stillness to me.

– Dedicated to a sadness that often entraps people and makes them do something destructive rather than creative.

Yeh Aarzoo Thi Ke Haskar Koi Mila Hota
Kahin To Humse Kisi Ka Dil Aashna Hota
Not a part of ghazal, but a singing rendition)

Kisi Ne Bhi To Na Dekha Nigaah Bhar ke Mujhe
Gaya Phir Aaj Ka Din Bhi Udaas Kar ke Mujhe

Saba Bhi Laayi Na Koi Payaam Apno Ka
Suna Rahi Hai Fasaane Idhar Udhar Ke Mujhe

Muaaf Kijiye, Jo Main Ajnabi Hoon Mehfil Mein
Ke Raaste Nahin Maaloom Is Nagar Ke Mujhe

Woh Dard Hai Ke Jisse Seh Saku Na Keh Paaun
Milega Chain To Ab Jaan Se Guzar ke Mujhe

– Original lyrics by Urdu poet and lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri