Nobody leashed their eyes restless to me (Kisi Ne Bhi To Na Dekha)

– Rendered by a popular ghazal singer Pankaj Udhaas saheb.


Someone would greet with a smile, that’s a desire.
Somewhere beats would be aligned, that’s a desire.
(Not a part of original ghazal, but a singing rendition.)

Of all resting, nobody leashed their eyes restless to me.
Today too a day passed leaving a shade of sadness to me.

Not even a wind sang me the news of the close ones.
Hummed it only the humid tales of coldness to me.

Forgive me for being a stranger to the gathering.
New are locales and paths of non-wilderness to me.

So deep an anguish, neither can I sink, nor emerge out.
Evaporating of a flow might earn now stillness to me.

– Dedicated to a sadness that often entraps people and makes them do something destructive rather than creative.

Yeh Aarzoo Thi Ke Haskar Koi Mila Hota
Kahin To Humse Kisi Ka Dil Aashna Hota
Not a part of ghazal, but a singing rendition)

Kisi Ne Bhi To Na Dekha Nigaah Bhar ke Mujhe
Gaya Phir Aaj Ka Din Bhi Udaas Kar ke Mujhe

Saba Bhi Laayi Na Koi Payaam Apno Ka
Suna Rahi Hai Fasaane Idhar Udhar Ke Mujhe

Muaaf Kijiye, Jo Main Ajnabi Hoon Mehfil Mein
Ke Raaste Nahin Maaloom Is Nagar Ke Mujhe

Woh Dard Hai Ke Jisse Seh Saku Na Keh Paaun
Milega Chain To Ab Jaan Se Guzar ke Mujhe

– Original lyrics by Urdu poet and lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri


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