The First Drizzle

This poem is a response to Sidrah Kamal‘s radiating poem… Vapors of Love.

Rain by Danial Shah

Vapors of Love: Warmed in the air, served as the drizzle…

Lakes filled with salt
brimmed in still water
looking to shake dust.
As Sun lends a warmth,
drops become vapor,
With thirst of stream
comes request:
“Revive me first…”

Sun burns itself,
hunting for a miracle…
As flock of clouds travel,
filled with a passion…
Overriding star they say….
“You had your day…
It’s our turn.
But, you hide first…”

Clouds caress each other
celebrating in a
a chorus,
Disclose cheerfully
to the bystanders,
the breeze and the birds…
“Don’t you go…
Allow me, to confess first…”

Birds expecting,
a downpour to come…
Look into the eyes
of each other,
nod in a teasing voice…
“Let’s race today
to the home…
See who reaches first…”

Nest of flowers,
catches a sprinkle…
Drop after drop
leaking fume as it filters.
They inhale each other’s scent
and say in slip voice…
“I forget my love,
who fell first… ”

Grains of sand give
themselves to a drizzle.
As space in-between
vanishes in the air.
Melting each moment,
coming together,
they break silence…
“Kiss me first… “

Photograph Drizzling by Natthamon Thiemsri

Drizzle of Passion: Felt in a bloom, caught with-in the petals.

– Dedicated to the vapors, the clouds and the first drizzle…

Photo Credits:
1. Rain in Astore Valley (at Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan) by Danial Shah.
2. Drizzling by Natthamon Thiemsri

9 thoughts on “The First Drizzle

  1. Wow Ali, your friendship with the beautiful nature always do wonders in your poetry ! Love the classic words and imagery you have created. Very poetic. I hope you are doing well !

  2. The journey of “Vapours of love” destined to ” drizzle first”

    The “secret wishes” hummed in ears more like “a silent prayer”

    The “clouds envious” challenged to “reach and confess first”

    This indeed Is the most beautiful sequel to the story of fate of Vapours.. Destined to drizzle.. If not happening sooner.. Then definitely later.

    • Thank you, Sidrah… 🙂

      Can anyone stop earth from greeting Sun’s twinkle?
      Can anyone stop star kissing a canvas sparkling as crystal?
      Can anyone stop pools of water from feeling a tickle?
      Can anyone stop corners of pears from sporting a wrinkle?
      Can anyone stop breeze arising and producing a whistle?
      Can anyone stop clouds ringing like pocket full of nickels?
      Can anyone stop nickels dropping and composing a jingle?
      How would one stop then vapors of love
      from forming a drizzle?

      Drizzle it will be, whether sooner or later,
      it may fall too at one place or an another…
      Whether it be a amazon, or it may be a desert.
      Destined it is to complete a journey for itself,
      and non-another, a journey for sheer pleasure…
      such, when progressed right, even the address
      of destination would no longer matter.

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