Whenever life draws me towards your orbit of existence (Zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein)

– Performed by renowned Ghazal singer: Talat Aziz, for Hindi film: Umrao Jaan (1981).


Whenever life draws me towards your orbit of existence…
Earth appears to me more brighter than moon’s radiance…

Fields of my heart get blossomed in crimson fragrance…
As day settles, the soul unsettles at your whisper’s entrance…

Gushes of breeze carry your signature in loud, in silence…
At closure of each night, they push rest into far distance…

Why each proximity breathes a new space in consequence…?
Nothing else than that keeps me now in state of impatience…

– Dedicated to the orbit of beloved…

zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein laati hai humein
ye zameen chaand se behtar nazar aati hai humein

surkh phoolon se mehek uthti hain dil ki raahein
din dhale yun teri aavaaz bulaati hai humein

yaad teri kabhi dastak, kabhi sargoshi se
raat ke pichhle peher roz jagaati hai humein

har mulaaqaat ka anjaam judaai kyun hai
ab to har waqt ye hi baat sataati hai humein

Urdu version:

زندگی جب بھی تیری بزم میں لاتی ہے ہمیں
یہ زمین چاند سے بہتر نظر آتی ہے ہمیں

سرخ پھولوں سے مہک اٹھتی ہیں دل کی راہیں
دن ڈھلے یوں تیری آواز بلاتی ہے ہمیں

یاد تیری کبھی دستک کبھی سرگوشی سے
رات کے پیچھلے پہر روز جاگتی ہے ہمیں

ہر ملاقات کا انجام جدائی کیوں ہے
اب تو ہر وقت یہی بات ستاتی ہے ہمیں

– Original lyrics penned by lyricist: Akhlaq Mohammed Khan “Shahryar”

13 thoughts on “Whenever life draws me towards your orbit of existence (Zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein)

    • Yes… 🙂 Not just a poetry but grace and manners… The dedication towards all what one loved… No cursory or shallow attachments… No flying away from what matters or what is heart felt, and choosing distractions in comparison to creating what worths remembrance. Perhaps a great stature of poetry too was one of the outcomes of those deep feelings…

  1. This is so classy and elegant.
    Yaar I wish we can have those golden days of music back. As Lala have said poetry toh awesome hoti thi but music bhi itni melodious hoti thi. Thats a rarity these days.
    Music these days make your ears bleed. -_-

    Talat aziz se I am reminded of Talat Mehmood, I dont know if you have heard his this song but its such a fine one. Its called “itna na mujhse tu pyaar badha”.

    • 🙂 Yes, Miss Maqsood, if only we can have those golden days of music, that class, that elegance and gracefulness back… where subtlety reigned the atmosphere… And exposition was always off the chart… where persistence was the way to live a life, and where gestures of eyes were the one to lead the way to the heart… I guess only thing we can do now at our part is to introduce new generations this music and soul of the art.

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