Poems written for you (Likhe jo khat tujhe)

– Performed by the legendary Indian singer Mohammad Rafi for a Hindi film: Kanyadan (1968).


Poems written for you,
in remembrance due,
they emerged into…
the thousand splendid views.

As dawn fare-welled night,
they morphed as – the flowers and the hue…
When night absorbed the sun,
they became sparkling stars and the dew…

As melody somewhere, comes into play,
my heart points me, there you may,
slips somewhere, a bud alcove,
I consider it, your foreplay.
As scent somewhere, spills in air,
seems your curls inter-played.

An eager breeze, enthralling pace,
this gracefulness, and elegance,
those curves and the restlessness,
your swaying away, leaving unquenched.
Who won’t it then, turn into…
A beguiled lover passionate…

I am there, where you are,
If I am the heart, the pulse you are…
If I wander, you are a destiny,
In my thirstiness, rain you are…
My world is, the way you see me,
and heaven is, your never being far.

– Dedicated to the love letters  – the thousand splendid views…

Likhe jo khat tujhe
woh teree yad me
Hazaaro rang ke
nazaaray ban gaye

Sawera jab huwa,
toh phul ban gaye
Jo rat aayee toh,
sitare ban gaye

Koyee nagma, kahee gunja
kahan dil me, yeh tu aayi
Kahee chatkee, kalee koyee,
mai yeh samjha, tu sharmayi
Koyi khushbu, kahee bikhri,
laga yeh zulf lehrayi

Likhe jo khat tujhe…….

Fiza rangeen, Ada rangeen,
yeh ithlana, yeh sharmana
Yeh angdayi, yeh tanhayi,
yeh tarsa kar, chalay jana
Bana de ga nahi kisko,
jawan jadu yeh divana

Likhe jo khat tujhe…….

Jaha tu hai, waha mai hu,
mere dil ki, tu dhadhkan hai
Musafir mai, tu manzil hai,
mai pyasa hu, tu saawan hai
Meri duniya, yeh nazray hain,
meri jannat, yeh daman hai

Likhe jo khat tujhe…….

– Original lyrics penned by famous Indian poet: Gopaldas Neeraj

2 thoughts on “Poems written for you (Likhe jo khat tujhe)

  1. This song, hands down, is one of my favorites by Mohd. Rafi 🙂 Language here is so simple yet the poetry’s beautiful. 🙂
    You’re really good at translations. I see with every translation you are getting better day by day, not that you werent good before. 🙂

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